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Tyler Croft - Tomb Raider

I've always been a big fan of the game Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and with the release of the new Brent skin from Cheerno, I was inspired to recreate the look for my latest post.  For the outfit, I automatically thought of The Abyss' distressed leather pants, which accompanied by the famous Combat boots make for the perfect pairing.  The tank top from Emery is very simple yet sexy, and I wore the Varsity hair from *Coma* to give the look a little dramatic flair.  Of course I can't forget the accessories, and the Mikoto belt from Mandala and the waist bag from Arai were the perfect choices.  Finally, the look could not be complete without Lara's guns, and the dual pistols from [SP] are one of my favorites.  If you are into RP I would definitely recommend getting them!  Now that the look is complete, Lara ain't got nothing on this! :)  'Till next time.

Tyler Ethaniel:

Hair: *Coma* - Varsity Hair - Brown 1
Eyes: Kmadd - MADesigns - EYES_PROMISE - green intense 12
Eyelashes: [Cheerno] - Male.LASHES.Simple
Skin: [CheerNo] Brent_Gold_Base Shav  (NEW)
Tank Top: Emery - Blue vest
Pants: The Abyss - <A> M_Distressed_Leather_Pants
Gloves: YV - [Exclusive at LE. LOOK!] - VIVIEN KNUCKLE GLOVES 
Boots: The Abyss - NAU Combat Boots [unisex]
Belt - [MANDALA] - Mikoto Belt/Brown (silver)male
Pistols/Holsters:  [SP] - TR HK p8 Pistols 
Bag: *ARAI* - Waist Bag
Poses: Pose 1 - Lost World -   Shoot falling / Pose 2- BeScene -  Combat 6H


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The Tourists

Luciano Enoch:

Hair : Urban December - U.December talk dark brown
Hair Base : AITUI - Standard Hair Base - 001 - Black
Skin : [CheerNo] Brent_Gold_BD 5  Bald
Eyes : [CheerNo] Realistic/Fantastic Eyes Dark 1
Vest : Alphavillain - Karl Rossmann Vest (red accent)
Shirt : Schadenfreude White Oxford Shirt
Pants : Whippet & Buck - [W&B] Boyd Dress Trousers BLACK
Socks :  *ARAI* Daily socks_02 (freebie)
Shoes : HOC Industries - Skoochers 2
Pose : {.:exposeur:.} For The Boys 7

Ritch Nicholls:

Hair : MADesigns -  KIAN ~ Light Blonde I
Skin :  CheerNo - Brent  Blond -Light Base Shav
Eyes :  *YS&YS* -EyeReal Frozen Noshadow
Jacket :  BareRose - TRADurian Boy Pink Jacket
Shirt : BareRose - TRADurian Boy Shirt
Pants:  Adjunct - Armando Jean - Zippers
Boots: Lightstar - Buckled Boots Black
Pose: {.:exposeur:.} For The Boys 10


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Electric Dreams

Prince of Persia

Samurai Dystopia

Spend an hour exploring Second Life and one thing becomes undeniably clear: there is no dearth of Role Play communities in the metaverse. Whether your pleasure is cyberpunk, urban, fantasy, superhero, historical, steampunk, Gorean, vampire, jungle, or sci-fi -- SL has your RP interests covered. This blog entry was originally inspired by a recent theme party at Set in Boystown; however, it evolved into a tribute to the creative RP’ers who add so much to Second Life’s diverse communities. So whether you’re a dystopian cyber-samurai or a lonely Prince of Persia … this entry is for you.

Merrick Ying:

Prince of Persia
Skin: Den-Dou  - Boys II - Eito / Dark - 01 clean
Hair: Uncle Web Studio, Hunter-Hair - Meteor
Eyes: MADesigns Eyes Happening - brown - Noble eyes
Belted Sash &  Upper Leg Band:  Tigereye Designs - Threemoons Silks  - Red & Gold
Necklace Collar , Bracelets, &  Anklets:  Egoisme Fashion - J'adore silk
Turban:  Bare Rose Tokyo -  Tokyo Nomad
Necklace (long chain):  Mandala - Kagetora - Gold - Male
Third Eye Jewel & Forearm Henna:   Enlil - Lhizar Bindi  / Mahris Henna
Bicep Bands & Footwear: Zaara - Nizam Bajubandh *color* (armband)
Nizam Payal (anket) *color*
Tattoo: boi - gold flower (arm)

Samurai Dystopia:
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Magnoria-II White
Skin: CheerNo - Wady_light/I'm On Fire
Eyes: Den-Dou - Vampire Eyes -Violet
Hair Sticks: [DE] Technomancer - Mystek
Face Mask: CheerNo - Prince Experience_Mask
Necklace: Razoregalia - Belial Necklace1 - Red
Leggings: Elixir - Archon Set
Boots: SiniStyle - Blasphemy Boots
Tattoo: HUZ-TATS - Mahuika - (FBD)
Armor: [BjD] Belial Japan Develop - Abraxas
Gloves: Razoregalia - Bouhachi
Sword: Hanzo Blades Armory -Imperial Fury Samurai Katana
Pose: Sadistic Hacker - Katana Pose Set - Pose #1


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I've Fallen in La Roux!

Pilz Redgrave:

Hair - *DROT*- The Andy- Red
Skin - !ZB: Ocean 2.0
Eyes - pc eyes - sunny glade
Jacket - RONSEM* Tailored *
Tank - AOHARU_BT_DeepVNeckTank_Clock
Pants - *Valiant* Black V001 Jeans - Straight & Comfort w/belt
Boots - [Gos] GTFO Boots in Black [bagged]
Tattoos - AITUI TATTOO - Mr Midnight
Piercings - - .HoD. - Bolted Piercing Set (Male and Female)
Necklace - [MANDALA]Kagetora necklace/RED/MALE


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Cabin Fever.

Being that I have been stuck in my house for the last two days looking at snow and ice, I opted for a little bit of sunshine and green with this post in the hopes that spring is not too far away.  The new rolled-up corduroy pants from Emery seemed like too good of a find to pass up, so I paired them with an Emery tee and Aoharu jacket.  It also can't go without saying that one of my favorite items lately are these Kookie Oafs shoes, not only because they are hella cute, but they have a number of color options as well (translation: you will likely be seeing these on here again).   And to mirror the scruffy face I have been sporting for the last few days of break in RL, I went with Exile's Status skin, beard option of course.  Now all I need is a drink . . .

Divos Titanium:

Hair: [Shag] - Rise
Hairbase: no.07 :: Hairbases :: Army Ginger
Skin: Exile - Status Light
Eyes: MADesigns The Happening - Blue Sky Crash
Piercing: [MANDALA] Face Pierce - Silver
Jacket: AOHARU - LeatherBlouson_withShirt_Gray
Shirt: Emery - Top BTLA [2]
Necklace: [MANDALA] TAKAYAMA necklace
Pants: Emery - Pant M Corduroy Bisquet Dark Brown
Shoes: ::Kookie: Oafs Men
Pose: ::Ks2cool::_Poses95-100


3:35 PM

Desert Rebel

Wesley Arbenlow:

Skin: - Zoobong !ZB: Ocean 1.1 [Pale]
Hair: - *DROT* Jeremy 2.0-Dark Brown (Slightly Modded Darker)
Ears: - Aitui (Type 1) Stretched Ear -Human- 7/8
Plug Texture: - Aitui (Type 1) Stretched Ears Texture Pack - Polished Wood
Jacket: - RONSEM* Fake Fur Jacket/Brown (male)
Undershirt: - {MV} Shear Slinky Tank Stripe (B)
Jeans: - RONSEM* Black Jeans
Shoes: - *Ordinary* -Gorilla-Black
Gloves: - CheerNo POKER Gloves [Black]
Sunglasses: - Kalnins Sunglasses Half Shutter (Color Change)
Pose: - .:Exposeur:. Umberto


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It Just Keeps Getting Better

Well, it's official: 2011 has arrived.  Normally I don't like odd years, but since 2011 already has me starting out in such a great place, I am looking forward to things just getting better.  The coat you see before you was introduced to me by one of my best friends Beckham and is from INDI Designs.  I love the collar and thought it went swimmingly with the no.07 Holiday Hunt pants (which if you haven't already picked up, they are a STEAL for only 10L).  I am also all about the texture of the Vintage Shirt from Kapanga, and put the finishing touches on this look with the GTFO Boots from [Gos] and a little hint of pattern with the Paisley Muffler scarf from Chantkare.  Happy New Years, everyone, and here's to an amazing 2011!

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Saboteurs / JAE004 Brown (modified)
Hairbase: no.07 :: Hairbases :: Army Ginger
Skin: Belleza - Shawn Med
Eyes:  MADesigns EYES - MIRRORS - intrigue
Jacket:  INDI Designs - Riley
Scarf:  Chantkare Male Silk Paisley Muffler
Shirt:  Kapanga = Teobaldo II Vintage Shirt
Pants: no.07 :: Happy Holidays Hunt Gift Leather Pants
Shoes: [Gos] GTFO Boots
Pose: Posies - M9-7


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