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Making Waves

Making Waves

It's been a hot minute since I had a chance to take a photo with one of my SL favorites, Adham DeCuir.  I think this photo really captures our essence, and it gave us a chance to feature the all-new Thirst "See Me Shorts" available this month at Equal10!

This man has been with me for over a decade, and I'm so thankful to have him by my side - even as he throws me off the jet ski! <3


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Let Me Pour You a Glass

Let Me Pour You a Glass

Notable Items:

Wheel: Apple Fall - Captains Wheel - Driftwood
Urn: Apple Fall - Drip-Glazed Urn - Cream 
Urn: Apple Fall - Georgia Terracotta Urn - Limewashed 
Urn: Apple Fall - Georgia Terracotta Urn - Natural 
Fireplace: Apple Fall - Hampton Outdoor Fireplace 
Lemonade: Apple Fall - Lemonade
Lemonade: Apple Fall - Lemonade Pitcher 
Vase: Apple Fall - Plaster Vase w/ Beads
Magazines: Apple Fall - Stacked Magazines 
Pitcher: Apple Fall - Stoneware Pitcher - Cream
Buoys: Apple Fall - Vintage Buoy Arrangement 
Plants: Dust Bunny - Paradise Plants - Fan Palm 
Plants: Dust Bunny - Paradise Plants - Monstera Tree 
Plants: Dust Bunny - Paradise Plants - Pineapple Plant 
Table: Nutmeg - Dreamy Pastels Coffee Table 
Rug: Nutmeg - Dreamy Pastels Rug 
Bench: Nutmeg - Garden Bench w/Blanket Pile A (Dirt Legs)
Basket: Nutmeg - Grandma's Cottage Basket w/Flowers 
Bike: Nutmeg - His Bike Blue
Bag: Nutmeg - His Stuff
Plant: Tia - Valarie Silverleaf Glass Vase


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Special Delivery


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Under the Neon Lights

Under the Neon Lights

Divos Titanium:

Hat: Volkstone - Tarso Beanie - Black @ Access - July 2020
Eyebrows: Heron Body Shop - Gerald Eyebrows
Skin: Clef de Peau - Michak Skin
Nipple: Noche - Mesh Nipple
Nipple Ring: IX - Safety Pin Nipple Ring
Earring: Marked - Ankh Accent Earring
Moustache: Volkstone - Dashiell Moustache 
Necklace: Noir - Elliot Necklace
Tattoo: Speakeasy - Guiding Light - Faded
Body Piercings: Artificial Hallucination - Hellraiser Body Piercings
Jeans: Etiquette - Vince Outfit - Jeans @ Epiphany - July 2020
Pose: Motiv8 - S~12-1 1
Backdrop: Paleto - Ed - Mohawk Backdrop @ Access - July 2020


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Island in the Sun


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Alone With My Thoughts

Alone With My Thoughts

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Modulus - Samuel Hair @ TMD Event - June 2020
Skin: Clef de Peau - Michak Skin
Shirt: Noche - Latex Crop Tee
Underwear: Noche - Latex Tom Thong

Other Notable Items:

Build: Contrast - Franklin Lake Hut
Boat Shelves: Contrast - Franklin Boat
Chair: Contrast - Franklin Summer Chair Blue Stripe
Plant: Thor - Fiddle Leaf Plant
Tables: Fancy Decor - Palo Side Tables
Whiskey: ChicChica - Whisky #9
Whiskey Glass: ChicChica - Whisky #8
Puppy: Rezz Room - German Shepherd Puppy 
Crate: Isil - Maine Lobster Crate - Bare
Glass Float: Isil - Maine Glass Float 
Ivy: Ariskea - Coralie Ivy 
Tree: Dust Bunny - Dwarf Fruit Trees - Clementine Tree
Tree: Apple Fall - Banana Tree
Fishing Pole: Hive - Gone Fishin Clutter


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Gallant Magazine SL - Spring 2020 Thirst Feature Part II

Gallant Magazine SL - Spring 2020

Gallant Magazine 
SL - Spring 2020

Gallant Magazine SL - Spring 2020

Gallant Magazine SL - Spring 2020

A scene from the Gallant Magazine Spring 2020 Issue Thirst feature by yours truly!

A special thanks to Sage Sloan, Babylon, Max Carter and the dangerously sexy Scar Requiem for being a model for this photo series.

Want to see more from the latest issue of Gallant Magazine?  For style credits and scene details, check it out HERE


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