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Jump In Line (Ghost N Deadly)

There are new Ispachi skins out now! Their brand new Simon skin comes with 8 skin tones where each have 9 facial hair options and also a hair/bald base options.  Each skin pack includes 1 free scripted and sculpted penis that matches your skin tone. Ispachi always releases great skins, so you do not want to miss checking the Simon skin out!

Ritch Nicholls:

(from left to right)

Skin: ISPACHI - Simon - Mocha - Bad/5'O'Clock Shadow
Eyes: MADesigns - Purpose - dark weed
Hair Dura - **Dura-Boy**06 - Black
Pose: supPOSEdly - that 3

Skin: ISPACHI - Simon - Creme - Hair/Beard
Eyes: MADesigns - Honesty - dark truth
Hair: MADesigns - Rove - Dark Brown VIII
Pose: Stakey - Simple Man 05

Skin: ISPACHI - Simon - Tanned - Hair/Shaved
Eyes: MADesigns - Honesty - dead honesty
Hair: U. December - Picasa - dark brown
Pose: MADesigns - Male Tough 10

In addition to the regular skin tones, Ispachi also released undead versions of the Simon skin!
Ritch Nicholls:

(upper left and right)

Skin: ISPACHI - Simon - Undead - Bald/Vamp
Eyes: MADesigns - Purpose - infected animal
Hair: Drot - Jeremy 2.0 - SnowFlake

Skin: ISPACHI - Simon - Undead - Hair/Busted
Eyes: MADesigns - Iridescent - Desaturated Aqua

(lower left and right)

Skin: ISPACHI - Simon - Undead - Bald/Nude
Eyes: Repulse - Rotten Eyes - dark
Mouth: [ContraptioN] - Cheshire Grin - Wide Smile (wide smile tattoo bloody)

Skin: ISPACHI - Simon - Undead - Bald/Tribe
Eyes: MADesigns - Mutation - quarantine
Hair: Drot - Jeremy - Blue


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Why So Serious?

With Halloween coming soon, I thought I'd show you a look I did for a recent costume party. I know sometimes it's easier to find a costume as a whole, but looking for interesting pieces and puttings them together can be quite a fun hunt!

Johnny Ethaniel:

Skin: Signature -  Kalil Tone 1 - Bald - Shaved (Signature) (currently unavailable)
FacePaint:  Warrior Inside - "W" Joker
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Classic - oak leaf (m) bright
Hair: Dura - **Dura-Boy** 05 (Light Blonde) (Modified to green)
Jacket  =Zenith=  - Purple Timeless
Shirt:  =Zenith=  - Brown Vest & Shirt Brown Jacket
Pants:  A:S:S - Bound Pants - purple
Shoes:  [Gos] GTFO Shoe - Fat Pack (black)


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I Am My Hair

There are many new hairstyles out now at CheerNo!  Here we are giving you a look at some of our personal favorites.  Make sure you head on over to the mainstore to check them all out!

(Upper Row Left to Right)

Luciano Enoch:
Skin: FRUK - Lennon skin -The Smooth Operator - Tone 4
Eyes Coma - Spectral Eyes - Pigment
Hair: CheerNo - Sandro - Dark 3.2
Hairbase: CheerNo - Hairbase - Dark 3.2

Luciano Enoch:
Skin: CheerNo - Brent - Gold
Eyes: A.D.D Andel! - Love Affair Eyes - Chocolate
Hair: CheerNo - Lucan - Dark 3.2

Divos Titanium:
Skin: Belleza - Jacob - Medium
Glasses: CheerNo - Glasses MILU - Pink
Hair: CheerNo - Billy - Red 8.3
Earrings: Mandala - Soul Ear Piercing - Silver
Tattoo - Lazybum - Divos' Tat - Exclusive

(Bottom Row Left to  Right)

Tyler Ethaniel:
Skin: the body co. - Fox (04 Medium)
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom - Clarus Eyes (Ice)
Hair: CheerNo - Hair LEO / Gray 7.1
Hairbase: CheerNo - HairBase / Gray 7.1
Eyeliner: CheerNo -NUBIOS:Skin Eyeliner

Ritch Nicholls:
Skin: DNA - Legacy - Type 1B - Bald - Shaved
Eyes: MADesigns - Promise - green 13
Hair: CheerNo - Citron - Ocean 6.3

Ritch Nicholls:
Skin: Kento - Toban - T2- Pure
Eyes: YS&YS - Real Eyes - Frozen - No Shadow
Hair: CheerNo -  Dias - Blond 9.1
Hairbase: CheerNo - Hairbase - Blond 9.1


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For You To Know

Today, I'm giving you a peek at the new Lennon skin from Fruk.  I topped it off with one of the 7 new hair styles released over at CheerNo called Blud.  Also, I was excited to see a new store had moved into the Boystown sim called Zpr, so I grabbed a pair of their trunks to show off the skin.  Make sure you check them all out!

Luciano Enoch:

Skin: Fruk - Lennon Skin - The Anchor black T3
Hair: [CheerNo] - BLUD - Dark 3.3
Eyes: Poetic Colors - pc eyes classic - molten chocolate
Shorts: Zpr - Swim Speedo (Black-White)
Pose: Olive Juice - A Fine Madness: Men


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