3:12 PM

Not So Bad Going Mesh, Is It?

NotSoBad just released it first line of clothing, and mesh at that.  Notice that you can also experiment with the female mesh jeans as well, especially since guys are often limited with clothing options.  We also included new mesh items from Kal Rau and Gizza, and Angelik is also sporting the new hair from Cheerno.

Divos Titanium (left):

Skin: The Abyss - Dave Gears - Tanned Shaved
Hair: Boon - DTU831 - Chestnut
Eyes: MADesigns Eyes - Natural - Blue Reasonable
Shirt: Kal Rau - Plaid Shirt Mesh - Brown/Blue
Pants: NotSoBad - Jane Jeans - Faded (NEW)
Shoes: SoReal - Superstars - Orange/Blue

Angelik Lavecchia (right):

Jacket: GizzA - Mesh Biker - Blue (NEW)
Pants: NotSoBad - Vince jeans - Dark
Ears: AITUI 
Harbase: MADesigns Hair - Black Hair Base ~ Tribe 5
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear - Milestone
Lip Piercing: Acide - feather piercing
Hair: CheerNo - Steven - Dark (NEW)
Skin: Evian - Jordan - Medium
Eyes: Ikon - Utopia Eyes - Hazel


2:40 PM

All That Glitters . . .

Lazybum is at it again with the release of the all-new "Glitter" briefs.  Dazzle your friends (and maybe that special someone) with these hot new undies available in eight different colors.  And just in case that wasn't enough, check out the special Tourmaline version sported by Cole Delpiaz below available exclusively at the Lazybum Main Store location in Boystown!

From Left to Right ~

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Burley - Sofian - Red 02
Gloves: Cheerno - Leather Gloves - Red
Briefs: Lazybum - Glitter Briefs - Ruby (NEW)
Boots: Gos - GTFO Boot - Red
Necklace: Mandala - Kagetora - Red
Glasses: Beefcake - Vision Sunglasses - Red

Cole Delpiaz:

Skin: Birth - Thor Skin - Tanned Stubble
Hair: Shag - Black Jack - Buttermilk
Hairbase: MADesigns - Hairbase - Tribe 4
Eyes: Pididdle - Motion Sickness Eyes - Easy
Boots: Gizza - Rider Boots - Gold
Underwear: Lazybum - Glitter Briefs - Gold (NEW)
Earrings: Muism - Cross Jewelled Stud - Gold/Black
Necklace: Mandala - Hannya Necklace - Gold
Bracelet (left arm): Mandala - Yuzu Sinra Bracelet - Vintage Gold
Bracelet (right arm): Zaara - Vyomini Chained Bracelet - Onyx

Johnny Ethaniel:

Skin:  Egoisme - Evian - Kerim Medium
Hat: Airflow - Knit cap - Black 
Hairbase / Beard:  Entente - Facial Hair A - Beard Deux - Black - Hair  
Eyes: Entente - Valentin Eyes - Green - Medium 
Glasses:  Gos - Custom Sunglass v3.2 - Aviator 
Boots: Gos - GTFO Boots - Black 
Underwear:  Lazybum - Glitter Briefs - Onyx (NEW)
Dogtags:  Mandala - Shamira Dog Tag Necklace - Black
Necklace:  Mandala - Karma Necklace - Justice Black 
Bracelets:  Mandala - Sinra 2 Bracelet Set - Samurai Black

Beckham Brunswick:

Skin: Zoobong - Ocean Beach Tan - Shadow
Hair: Rawhouse - Flatliner - White 03
Hair Base: Egoisme - Hair Tattoo - Shaved
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Bright Ice Crystal
Tie: Mandala - Smexy Tie Necklace (Cross) - Temple Silver
Bracelet: Mandala - Reiki Bracelet - Silver Gem
Briefs:   Lazybum - Glitter Brief - Diamond (NEW)
Shoes: Gos - Docs V2 8 Hole - Pewter

Cole Delpiaz:

Skin: Birth - Nico Skin - Straw Maori
Hair: Dura - Boy 24 - Dark Brown
Eyes: Pididdle - Motion Sickness Eyes - True Blue
Shoes: UBU - PornStar Lo-Tops
Underwear: Lazybum - Glitter Briefs Pink - (NEW - Boystown Exclusive)
Earrings: Muism - Jewelled Stud - Silver/Clear
Necklace: Armidi Limited -  Zimbawe Necklace - Strawberry


2:50 PM

Color Your Canvas

[Lazybum] has released a great deal of new items that you need to check out!  For starters we are showing you the Animal Stripe Briefs.  What's nice about Lazybum's briefs is that you can wear them as underwear or swimtrunks.  The Animal Stripe Briefs come in Zebra, Snake, Tiger, Giraffe and Leopard.  They will bring out the inner animal in you!

Cole Delpiaz:
Skin: Birth - Nico Skin - (Light) heavy stubble
Eyes: Pididdle - Motion Sickness Eyes - True Blue
Hair: Dura - 24 - Dark Brown
Briefs: [Lazybum] - Animal Stripe - Zebra
Pose: Diesel Works - Alagan 1

Divos Titanium:
Skin: Ispachi Skin - Christian - Pale Shaved
Eyes: MADesigns - Clarity - Rusted
Hair: Anaphora - Jayden - Umber
Hat: Tidzi Design - White Bucket Hat
Brief: [Lazybum] - Animal Stripe -Snake
Bracelet: Sey - Leather Wristband - White

Tyler Ethaniel:
Skin: Birth - Nico Skin (light) clean_bodynormal_hair
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Stellar Eyes - Green
Hair: ::Exile::  - Remy - Drift
Brief: [Lazybum] - Animal Stripe - Tiger
Pose: supPOSEdly - still4

Second, they have released their Ring Master Jackets!  They come in Red, Black, Turquoise, Green, Magenta and White.

Luca Boucher:
Skin: Birth - Elixir - Skunk
Eyes: Birth - emerald green
Hair: Ispachi - Hunter - Black
Jacket: [Lazybum] - Ringmaster Jacket - Red
Briefs [Lazybum] - Basic Square Cut Briefs - Black

Pilz Redgrave:
Skin - ZOVO - Tone 2
Eyes - Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Absinthe
Hair - EXILE - Akio - Cayanne
Jacket: [Lazybum] - Ringmaster Jacket - Black
Briefs [Lazybum] - Basic Briefs - Black
Hat - ILLUSIONS - Hetherington Top Hat
Pose: MADesigns - M Confidence 8 fist right

Beckham Brunswick:
Skin:  Zoobong - Ocean - Beach Tan Shadow
Eyes:  Poetic Colors - Bright Ice Crystal
Hair:  Shag - Trophy Hunter - Kitten
Jacket: [Lazybum] - Ringmaster Jacket - Turquoise
Briefs [Lazybum] - Basic Brief - White
Pose: MADesigns - M Model 1fh

The last thing we are going to show you is the Cowl Collar Tanks.  These unique tanks come in White, Purple, Blue, Army, Black & Circus.  So make sure you head on down to Lazybum and take a look at all their new releases!

Angelik Lavecchia:
Skin - Egoisme - Evian - Jordan - medium
Eyes: Ikon - Warm Silver
Hair: Dura - boy 29 - Dark Brown
Tank: [Lazybum] Cowl Collar Tank - White
Brief: [Lazybum] Basic Square Cut Briefs - Grey
Pose: Stakey - Homme 01

Ritch Nicholls:
Skin: Kento - Toban - T2 - Pure
Eyes: Ikon - 'Sunrise' Eyes - Blue Pale
Hair: -Entente- - Thibaut Hair - Blond - Bleached Blond (includes hairbase)
Tank: [Lazybum] Cowl Collar Tank - Purple
Brief: [Lazybum] Basic Square Cut Briefs - Pink
Pose: Diesel Works - Alagan 3

Johnny Ethaniel:
Skin:  Egoisme - Evian - Kerim Medium
Eyes:  -Entente- - Valentin Eyes - Green - Medium
Hair: Dura - Emo*07 - Black
Hairbase and beard:  -Entente- - Facial Hair A - Beard Deux - Black - Hair
Tank: [Lazybum] Cowl Collar Tank - Blue
Brief: [Lazybum] Basic Briefs - Gold
Glasses:  [Gos] - Custom Sunglass v3.2 - AVIATOR
Dogtags: [MANDALA] - SHAMIRA DOG TAG necklace/Black
Pose: Diesel Works - Zephyr 1


5:01 PM

On Borrowed Time

Wanna look cute but don't feel like putting an entire outfit together?  *Coco*Homme has done all the work for you with their newly released mesh outfits.  While the alpha layer definitely shaves off a few pounds for those bigger avi's, the detail in the clothing and accessories is amazing.  Demo's are available so check 'em out!

Divos Titanium (Left):

Eyes: MADesigns Eyes - Attention - Ravishing
Hair: Dura - Boy 31 - Sienna
Skin: The Abyss - Dave Gears - Tan Shaven Tanned
Outfit: Coco Homme - Billy Outfit - Olive (New)
Hat: Coco Homme - Billy's Hat - Olive (New)
Bag: Mr. Poet - Leather Backpack - Red

Luca Boucher (Right):

Hair: Shag - Stroked - Bittersweet
Skin: Birth - Elixir - Skunk
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes - Teal Hazel W4
Outfit: Coco Homme - Steve Outfit - Black(new)


2:26 PM

Carnivale a Venezia!

Merrick Ying:
Skin: Tableau Vivant - Noctis Group Gift
Eyes: CheerNo - Luan - Blue 2
Hair: CheerNo - Leo - Ocean 6.1
Make-Up: CheerNo - La Vita PURE - 03
Collar: MiaMai - Whisper Homme Night
Shirt: Tableau Vivant - Horace Shirt
Corset: MiaMai - Marquise Corset Platinum
Pants: Tableau Vivant - Reich Pants
Anklets: Rozoregalia - Nornir - Type 1
Pose: Apple Spice - Fighting Gravity - 004


1:54 PM

Caged In Black

For this post we used items and clothing that can be found at the "The Back to Black Fair”. The event is to spread the word about mental health. New and exclusive items are available and the fair goes from Feb.11th to Feb. 29th 2012.

The Back to Black Fair http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/75/101/26

Pilz Redgrave:
Skin: ZOVO - Tone 2
Eyes: Ikon (formally Fashism) - Sunrise Eyes - Green Pale
Hair: EXILE - Aj (Light Reds)
Hairbase - NO.7 - Army Ginger (closed)
Facial Hair - ZOVO - Rocker (Light Brown)
Outfit: CheerNo - Fight.Demonic (Back To Black Event)
Boots: THE ABYSS - NAU Combat Boots
Pose -  Del May - Happy Go Lucky

Divos Titanium:
Skin: The Abyss - Dave Gears - Tan Shaven Freckles
Eyes: MADesigns - Naturals - Brown Conversation Eyes
Hair: Raw House - Flatliner - Ginger
Outfit: CheerNo - Fight. Dex (Back To Black Event)
Boots: Tonktastic - Resistance Boots
Pose: Exposeur - Fashuneestoh - 20

Ritch Nicholls:
Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent - March (bald)
Eyes: Ikon (formally Fashism) - 'Sunrise' Eyes - Blue
Hair: Entente - Yves Hair - Blond - Bleached Blond (hairbase included)
Outfit: CheerNo - Fight.SKY (Back to Black Event)
Boots: hoorenbeek - Mullingar  Boots - Black
Cage Prop with Pose - Miamai Model Pose - My body is a cage (Back To Black Event)


2:58 PM

A Weekend Outing

It's may still be a bit too cold to go out into the surf, but a day at the beach can still be relaxing.  Beckham and Johnny stopped into their favorite surf shop, Splendeurs, and found a lot more than just board shorts.  There's a great selection of casual clothes that will take you from the beach and beyond.

Beckham Brunswick:
Skin-  Zovo - Tone 3 Brown
Eyes - Entente - Valentin Eyes - Grey
Hair - Entente - David Hair & Beanie Mahogany
Outfit - !!Splendeurs!! - Male Outfit #22
Cuff - Blitzed - Brutal Cuff - Old Leather Black
Shoes - No longer available

Johnny Ethaniel:
Skin: Entente - Matthieu Skin - Tone D
Eyes: Ikon (formally Fashism) -  'Sunrise' Eyes - Celtic Gree (marketplace)
Hair: Entente - Didier Hair - Brown
Facial Hair: Egoisme -  Addon - Beard 3 Brown Hair
Outfit: !! SPLENDEURS  !! - Aidan Complete Outfit
Shoes: [Gos] - GTFO Shoes - Fat Pack [M]
Pose: STAKEY - Hands to Yourself 02


12:31 PM

Kickstart My Heart

With Valentine's Day coming up there is love in the air and new items out in stores! Ispachi is releasing their brand new skin Christian right before the holiday on Feb. 11.  Christian comes in 8 skin tones, 12 facial hair options, hair/bald options, & 1 free, scripted and sculpted penis that matches the skin.  Beefcake has rereleased their Valentine's Day items (already in stores) and Lazybum will be putting their Glitter Brief: Valentine's Day Edition briefs out later tonight, Feb.10!

Divos Titanium:
Skin: Ispachi - Christian - Pale - Shaved
Eyes: MADesigns - Naturals - Truth
Hair: Shag - My Command - Ember
Briefs: Beefcake -  Lip Service Briefs

Ritch Nicholls:
Skin: Ispachi - Christian - Mocha - Hair/Chin Curtain
Eyes: Ikon (formally Fashism) - 'Sunrise' Eyes - Blue (marketplace)
Hair: Entente - Thibaut Hair - B&W - Midnight Black
Briefs: [Lazybum] - Glitter Briefs - St. Valentine's Edition


5:06 PM

Bright Lights, Big City

It's a week to celebrate all that is bright, shiny and new!  First, please welcome Luca Boucher as the latest blogger addition to the Boystown Closet!  His artistic eye and Italian style will make for the perfect accessory to any ensemble.

And just in case you haven't heard, Entente recently opened its doors for the men in SL.  The store offers a huge portfolio of men's apparel ranging from skins to hairs to clothing from head to toe.  The designs are 100% original and unique, so they will be a welcome addition to any closet!

Luca Boucher (right):

Hair: Entente - Shag - Shine On - espresso
Skin: Birth - Elixir - tanned
Jacket: Entente - Taureau Leather Jacket Brown
Shirt: Cheerno - STD DEKO`s collect - cult shirt
Pants: Egoisme - Black Defence Leather Pants
Glove: Entente - Jonny Wrist Scarf
Necklace: Tigereye - Tass/brw
Shoes: Tonk Tastic - Resistance Boots

Divos Titanium (left):

Hair: Entente - Yves Hair - Dark Auburn
Hairbase: no.07 - Army Hairbases - Army Ginger
Skin: Akeruka - Manuel - Shaved Sun
Jacket: Entente - Thriller Jacket - Navy
Shirt: Emery - Bad Influence Black Tee
Pants: no.07 - Leather Pants - Port
Gloves: Cheerno - Holliday Gloves
Belt: Lelutka - Mick Pants Belt with Chain
Glasses: Entente - Oliver Glasses - Black
Shoes: Kookie - Armada Boot - Black Wash


1:59 PM


Divos Titanium:

Hair: Burley - Biff - Red 04
Hair Base: No.07 - Hairbases - Army Ginger
Skin: Akeruka - Manual - Shave Sun Tanned
Nipples: Xcite - X4 Nipples
Guns & Holster: Carnage Desert Eagle - Pink
Glasses: Lelutka - James Shades - Black
Gloves: LOOKR - V Gloves - Black & White
Jewelry: Mandala - Soul Ear Piercings - Silver
Cigarette: Nikotin - Cigarette - Rolled
Tattoo: Aitui - The Bombing at Pearl Harbor - Faded
Pants: Abyss - Distressed Leather Pants
Boots: Tonktastic - Resistance Boots - Black


1:54 PM

Sizzle in the Sun

The Boystown Closet is proud to welcome Angelik Lavecchia to its blogging ranks!  With winter in full swing, we thought we would kick off Angelik's first blog with a reminder that summer is only a few months away.  Check out our swim trunks from a new store by the name of Retro Swim.  Sizzle, sand and sexy . . . the countdown to summer is officially on.


Divos Titanium:

Bathing suit: Retro Swim - Black-Purple Polka Trunk
Hair: Cheerno - Rafa - Red 8.3
Hair Base: No.07 - Hairbases - Army Ginger
Skin: Akeruka - Manuel - Shaved Sun
Glasses: Shade Throne - Yelle Sunglasses - Black
Piercings: Mandala - Soul Piercings - Silver
Necklace: Sinistyle - Dog Tags
Watch: Muism - Chronotech G5 - White
Shoes: Step Ahead - Mens Urban Sliders - Black

Angelik Lavecchia:

Bathing suit: Retro Swim - Choco-Black Polka Trunk
Beard: Valiant & Sacred  - 2.0 Beard V5 - Light
Hair: MADesigns - Sergio - Dark Brown VI
Shoes: Contreverse - Flip Flops
Necklace: Jomo - Sexy men necklace B
Sunglasses: Gentleman's Closet - Mirage Sunglasses
Bracelet: Bukka - Bracelet
Skin: the body co. - Elixir - 05 Sunkissed



Divos Titanium:

Bathing Suit: Retro Swim - Outta Sight Stripe Trunk - Green/White
Skin: Akeruka - Manuel - Shaved Sun
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eyes - Green Tournaline
Necklace: K_gs - Swim Goggles - Neck
Hat: Love Soul - Sun Visor - Clear
Bracelet: [ad] - Link-it Bracelet
Shoes: Kal Rau - Flip Flops

Angelik Lavecchia:

Bathing suit: Retro Swim - Fun Gold Paisley Trunk
Sandals: Egoisme Flat Sandals
Bracelet and necklace: Rozoregalia - Cornucopia
Hat: CheerNo - Rodriguez hat
Sunglasses: [Iruco] Ati Sunglasses01
Skin: the body co. - Elixir -05 Sunkissed


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