3:33 PM

Show Me Your Teeth

(from left to right)

Merrick Ying:

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Noctis - Skin 9.
Eyes: CheerNo - LUAR - Blue 1.
Hair Base: CheerNo - Tiffanys - Graffiti.
Make-Up: CheerNo - LaVita Monster 3.
Sweater: Tableau Vivant - Turtleneck - Black
Pants: Tableau Vivant - Leggings short
Under-Layers: Tableau Vivant - Claw Pants & Half Pants Net Socks
Shoes: Elygo - Spike Sneakers - Classic.
Earrings: Rozoregalia - Belial - black.

Erik Kayo:

Skin: Egoisme - Evian Ryuji Medium.
Eyes: Izzie's - Natural MESH Eyes - grey.
Hair Base: LoQ - white
Make-Up: CheerNo - LaVita Monster 2
Coat: Tableau Vivant - 3 Buttons Coat
Pants: Tableau Vivant - SWAT pants - black
Shoes: Entente - Christian loafers

Pose for both Erik & Merrick: Animations Rising - Armsback


4:29 PM

Opus Eight

For this post it is all about the new Ispachi Mesh Opus Sweater!  This well crafted sweater comes in three sizes and in a variety of colors. However, when you purchase the fat pack of this item, you will recieve a  texture changeable version controlled via a HUD.  If your a fan of Ispachi items as much as we are, this Mesh Opus Sweater is a must have!

(from left to right)

Luca Boucher:

Hair: Shag - Suedehead
Sweater:  Ispachi - Mesh Opus Sweater - Scarlet

Tyler Ethaniel:

Skin: Tableau Vivant -Ryan skin - Brown (New)
Eyes: Tableau Vivant - Drop of water eyes (New)
Hair: Entente - Tupelo Hair - Brown Mahogany
Sweater: Ispachi - Mesh Opus Sweater - Violet

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Kento - Toban - T2 - Pure
Eyes: Ikon - 'Sunrise' Eyes - Blue Pale
Hair: Shag - Hard Day's Night - Light blondes - powder
Sweater: Ispachi - Mesh Opus Sweater - Night


3:11 PM

Stroll On

In this post, Divos is showing you the new Classic Jeans at Zpr.  The Classic Jeans come in a variety of colors and have four parts in mesh.  He is also showing you a few more items from The Men's Department.

Divos Titanium:

Skin: The Abyss - Dave Gears - Tan Shaved
Eyes: ID - Liquid Eyes - Dark Blue (The Men's Department)
Hair: Exile - Sid - Cayenne
Shirt: Sheep Door - Check Shirt - Grey (The Men's Department)
Pants: Zpr - Classic Jeans - Blue
Shoes: Balaclava - Pause Loafers (The Men's Department)


1:51 PM

On The Prowl

In this post, we are showing you items from two events going on right now!  Merrick is showing you the Sexy Boys swimtrunks in blue and the Caio Liberty braclet from CheerNo which you can get from Culture Shock. Ritch is wearing the Liquid eyes from ID,  the Sam hair from Kmadd and Pause Loafers from Balaclava that are available at The Men's Department!  Both events are still going on right now, so make sure you check out these items and many more!

(from left to right)

Merrick Ying:

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Andrej - Tone 11
Eyes: CheerNo - Luan - Green 1.1
Hair: CheerNo - Gangux - Dark 3.1
Briefs: CheerNo - Sexy Boy Blue (Culture Shock)
Shoes: Surf Couture - Guy's Boardwalkers - Sunflower
Visor: CheerNo - Transparant Yellow Platic Visor w/ Face Shadowing
Braclet: CheerNo - Caio Liberty (Culture Shock)
Feathers: CheerNo - NATIVE collection - Forest Ear Feathers
Necklace: CheerNo - Caramu - Green
Bag: CheerNo - Eco Bag: Save the World

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Egoisme - Evian - Ryuji - Medium - Hair - sexy trail
Eyes: ID - Liquid Eyes / Mens Dept - Dark Green (The Men's Department)
Hair: MADesigns - Sam - Dark Brown II (The Men's Department)
Shorts: Zoobong - Edah Shorts - brown
Shoes: Balaclava - Pause Loafers - Tonto (mesh ) (The Men's Department)
Glasses: CheerNo - Glasses - Marley - Red Lens A (mesh)


10:41 AM

Time After Time

Here is another item from The's Men's Department!  This time we are showing you the Retro Square Cut Briefs from Lazybum!

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Kento - Toban - T2 - Pure
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Blue
Hair: Exile - Jackson - Light Blondes - Stefani
Briefs: [Lazybum] - Retro Square Cut Briefs (The Men's Department)


2:21 PM

Light Up The Darkness

It's time to start a new montly round of items from The Men's Department!  It will go on from May 7 until June 1st 2012. Also everything available is priced between 75L and 150L.  In this post Ritch is showing you items from ID, Pumpkin, Pekka and Exposeur.  This event is just for the guys, so make sure you head on down and check out everything it has to offer!

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Tableau Vivant: Ryan - Blonde - Tone 4
Eyes: .ID. - Liquid Eyes / Mens Dept - Dark Blue (The Men's Deptartment)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Teeloh MALE Mesh Hair - Blonds Pack - Seafoam (white hairbase included)
Outfit: Pumpkin -Outfit(Leather) - Mesh (The Men's Deptartment)
Boots: Coco - Engineer Boots - Black
Piercings: .Pekka. - Damage  Piercing - M (The Men's Deptartment)
Pose: exposeur - Oh Boy - Oh Boy 3 (The Men's Deptartment)


3:59 PM

Touched By A Rose


2:24 PM

Tropical the Island Breeze

The people who know me well always say I'm in the wrong city during the cold Chicago winters.  And now that my favorite steamy time of the year is quickly approaching I can't wait to drive around with the car windows down and the sun roof back so I can feel the wind in my hair, the hot sun on my skin -- enjoying a coconut popsicle and jammin to something congarrific down the freeway all the while pretending that I'm in la Isla Bonita.

It's one of the ways I like to escape the monotony of working for the man...so when I heard that Lazybum was releasing tropical underwear -- I had to get my hands on them. (or ass in them - however you prefer to dream of San Pedro.)

These are perfect for a day at the beach, getting some sun on your roof or walking through Boystown with a Mocha Coconut Frappaccino at Jitters. (Mr. Mayor can you get on that please?)

Tropical the island breeze - all of nature, wild and free - This is where I long to be.

Cole Delpiaz:

Skin: Birth - Nico Skin - (tanned) - Stripes
Eyes: PIDIDDLE - Motion Sickness Eyes - Plant
Hair: Dura - Boy 24 - Dark Brown
Briefs: [Lazybum] - Tropical Square Cut Briefs (Culture Shock Exclusive)
Earrings: Muism - Jewelled Stud/gold.black
Bracelet:  EarthStones - Wood Cuff - Egyptian Teal
Necklace: Le Primitif - Immense Necklace [Driftwood] (marketplace)
Ring: Le Primitif -Witch Doctor Ring (marketplace)


2:49 PM

Park It


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