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The past few months have been a bit overwhelming in RL, and I am a bit stunned how long it has been since I have made a photo here.  While life changes are not always easy and I have not been in a great head space mentally, I am feeling better now that I have time to relax and not be going full blast.  I'm so thankful I get to bring my virtual friends along with me on my journey.  It means more than many know! ❤️

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Wings - ER0905 - Red

Skin: Stray Dog - 

Underwear: Noche - Draven Jockstrap

Pose: Playmate Poses - Pipe Up

Bed: Avani - French Campaign Collection Canopy Bed


5:58 AM

A Buddy & Fireworks (Part II)

A Buddy & Fireworks

It's been 8 years of celebrating July 4th with one of my closest friends, Mr. Parker Droverson.  It's become kind of our thing.  And I couldn't enjoy it any more! ❤️

Want to see our first rendition done by Parker?  Check it out here.

Parker Droverson:

Swimsuit: Homme Wrecker - Kai Shorts @ Men Only Monthly - June 2023

Sparkler: ChicChica - Sparklers Dispenser

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Wings - ER1214 - Hair

Applier: Coming Soon!! - Male Definition Applier

Swimsuit: Noche - Clint Swim Briefs 

Sparkler: ChicChica - Sparklers Dispenser

Other Notable Items:

Tubes: LaGyo - Panarea Pool Donut - Green, Yellow & Aqua

Flamingo: Kalopsia - Lana's Floaty - Flamingo @ Summerfest 2023

Sandals: Kalopsia - Lana's Sandals @ Summerfest 2023

Radio: Kalopsia - Lana's Radio @ Summerfest 2023

Shark: Kalopsia - Lana's Floaty - Shark @ Summerfest 2023

Cooler: Brocante - Vintage Icee Cooler - Cherry @ Summerfest 2023


10:22 AM



After playing with some blond wigs, I was glad to get back to my ginger roots.  Enjoying a nice few days off and taking my time getting up and getting ready!  Happy Holiday weekend to my U.S. friends!

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Magnificent - Leon Hair

Skin: Stray Dog - Rowan

Underwear: Cordewa - Malibu Boxer

Pose: CuCa Designs - Male Pose Pack #1 - Wall Leans #5

Other Notable Items:

Tub: Nutmeg - Colonial Bathroom Tub w/ Towel 


7:22 PM

Life Incarnate

Life Incarnate

The effortlessly handsome Verandi and I had a chance to showcase our love for Phoenix/Jean Grey as we featured the new Retro Space Suit from Somnium.  It's available now @ The Warehouse Sale!  We had a stellar time! ❤️⭐

A special thanks to Verandi for showing me how to infuse some magical powers into a photo!

Outfits: Somium - Retro Space Suit @ The Warehouse Sale - May 2023

Backdrop: Minimal - Solitude Scene


6:32 PM

Leather Daddy

Leather Daddy

Mist is celebrating Father's Day in the U.S. the best way we know how - with a Leather Daddy event!  Join us as we enjoy the beats and bulges at Boystown with DJ Zann!

Divos Titanium:

Hat: Nexus- Latex Cap 

Mustache: Volkstone - Ortega Mustache 

Harness: Kindex- Max Harness @ XXX Event - June 2023

Jock: Kindex - Max Jockstrap @ XXX Event - June 2023

Arm Bands: Thirst - Edison Arm Bands 

Gloves: L'Emporio&PL - Marlon - Black

Leg Straps: L'Emporio&PL - Brave

Boots: Lapointe & Bastchild - Swear Havoc Ops Boots

Glasses: Zoom - Kaion Glasses

Cigar: PFC - Cigar

Post: Vegvisir - [C] Jacob - Sit Pose Pack 

Background: Ozzy- Blogger Photo - Stand @ Home Decor Weekend Sale - June 2023


5:15 PM



 Featuring the Somnium's Titan's Grasp @ The Warehouse Sale.

A special thanks to my Verandi for helping me with the color particles!  And for being a willing subject! ❤️

Divos Titanium: 

Shirt: Toksik - Eternal Blouse - Beige

Hands: Somnium - Titan's Grasp - Gold @ The Warehouse Sale - February 2023

Necklace: Gabriel - Lion Necklace - Bronze

Verandi Diavolo:

Outfit: Turb - Dark Archbiship

Other Notable Items:

Set: DRD - Fortune Teller Wagon

Cat: Rezz Room - Salem Cat


8:06 PM



10:54 AM

Weekend Escape

Weekend Escape

I came to the beach for the weekend and just enjoying the peace and relaxation of the waves.  It is such a nice getaway to escape and bask in some beach bliss. 

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Wings - ER1105 

Speedo: Legal Insanity - Alan Briefs Blue/Red 

Water Bottle: Hive - Stay Hydrated - Water

Other Notable Items:

Backdrop: Minimal - Cala Bonita Scene


8:18 PM

It Takes Two.

It Takes Two.

Spent the night with the incredibly delicious Verandi Diavolo, and thankful he lets me keep the lights on. :)

Backdrop: FOXCITY - Photo Booth - Freaky Deaky 

Pose: Lavarock Poses - Couples Bento Pose Adult - 101


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