5:15 PM



 Featuring the Somnium's Titan's Grasp @ The Warehouse Sale.

A special thanks to my Verandi for helping me with the color particles!  And for being a willing subject! ❤️

Divos Titanium: 

Shirt: Toksik - Eternal Blouse - Beige

Hands: Somnium - Titan's Grasp - Gold @ The Warehouse Sale - February 2023

Necklace: Gabriel - Lion Necklace - Bronze

Verandi Diavolo:

Outfit: Turb - Dark Archbiship

Other Notable Items:

Set: DRD - Fortune Teller Wagon

Cat: Rezz Room - Salem Cat


8:06 PM



10:54 AM

Weekend Escape

Weekend Escape

I came to the beach for the weekend and just enjoying the peace and relaxation of the waves.  It is such a nice getaway to escape and bask in some beach bliss. 

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Wings - ER1105 

Speedo: Legal Insanity - Alan Briefs Blue/Red 

Water Bottle: Hive - Stay Hydrated - Water

Other Notable Items:

Backdrop: Minimal - Cala Bonita Scene


8:18 PM

It Takes Two.

It Takes Two.

Spent the night with the incredibly delicious Verandi Diavolo, and thankful he lets me keep the lights on. :)

Backdrop: FOXCITY - Photo Booth - Freaky Deaky 

Pose: Lavarock Poses - Couples Bento Pose Adult - 101


8:47 PM



One thing I learned so far this year is that I suck at strip poker.

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Wings - ER1105

Head: Lelutka - Quinn Head

Rings: RealEvil Industries - Ventu Rings

Cigar: PFC - Cigar - Unlabeled

Pose: Kokoro Poses - Cards 01

Other Notable Items:

Alcohol: Fancy Fall - Renouveau Bar Bottles @ FaMESHed

Chair: MudHoney - Charley Chair - Chestnut

Build: [CX]&[ContraptioN] - The Barrel Joint


8:51 AM

My Pillow

My Pillow

 As 2022 draws to a close I knew that I wanted a photo with Verandi for my last photo of the year.  I am so glad I met him.  I love his energy, positivity and the fact he is an amazing human.  He has made this year so incredible and I just love him.   

However, even if he looks amazing in these Thirst Jock'd undies, that does not mean he will win the pillow fight.  I'm still taking him down! 😂

Happy New Year, everyone! ❤️🍸

Featuring the Thirst Jock'd December 2022 Bondi Thong and Comfort Brief available now at The Fifty!


8:10 PM

Holiday Blizz Ball

Holiday Blizz Ball

This weekend Verandi and I attended the Blizz Ball at Hydra Pointe, which was a beautifully seasonally decorated venue for the holiday season.  DJ Maxwell and Trouble Dethly were the perfect hosts and gave a great jumpstart to Christmas time! ❤️🎄


12:02 PM

Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving 2022

Pausing to give a moment of gratitude to my Second Life tribe.  Over the past 13 years they have become such an important part of both my second and real lives they feel just like family.  I am a lucky guy and so thankful to have them. ❤️🍂 

Don't they clean up nice?  Adham jumped up the second the photo was done to get back in his elastic-waisted sweat pants. 😂

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


2:58 PM

Can You Give Me a Hand?

Can You Give Me a Hand?

Verandi and I braved the grocery store to get ready to cook for his first Thanksgiving this weekend.  He was so nice to help me carry a thing or two.  I'm so thankful for him! 😂 🍁🍂

On a serious note, I am full of gratitude for the smiles he has given me over the past few months! ❤️

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Divos Titanium:

Hat: Hermony - Valo Oversized Beanie

Hair: Volkstone - Boni Hairbase @ Man Cave - October 2022

Jacket: Cold Ash - Sherpa Jacket - Canvas/Tan

Jeans: Cold Ash - Holloway Ripped Jeans

Shirt: Legal Insanity - Bryan #1 Waist Shirt

Gloves: RealEvil - Rider Gloves @ The Men's Dept - November 2022

Coffee: Hive - Hot Coffee

Bag: Loubou - Shopping Bag Small

Verandi Diavolo:

Hat: CURELESS+MoonAmore: Ushanka (/whtout Pompom)

Jacket: [Deadwool] - Polar coat - Caramel

Jeans: Legal Insanity - Wrynn blue denims Legacy

Gloves: NOCHE - Knit Gloves Essentials - Legacy

Pumpkins: Apple Fall - Fairytale II & IV Pumpkins

Bag: Dust Bunny - Bag of Groceries

Bag: Junk Food - Shopping Bag (Kaki's)

Bag: SHOWERWORKS Shopping Bag

Bag: IOS - Shopping Bag 


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