A Few Pieces

We here at the Boystown Closet are continuing to show you many more exclusive outfits from Men's 24.  Today we are showing you one from Razorblade Jacket.  This outfit comes with several different options including 2 boxers, 4 pair of pants, and 3 different shirts.  Check out their store and many more at the event!

Johnny Ethaniel:
Outfits:  =Razorblade Jacket= - Mens 24 Exclusive Release

From Left to Right
Outfit 1:
Shirt: =Razorblade Jacket= Probably Never Heard of it
Pants:=Razorblade Jacket= Black Grunge Worn Pants Tape / No Boxer

Outfit 2:
Boxers: =Razorblade Jacket= Deep Stripe Boxers

Outfit 3:
Shirt: =Razorblade Jacket= No.2006 Shirt 3
Pants: =Razorblade Jackett= Black Grunge Worn Pants Boxer/No Side Tape

Additional Items
Skin:  Signature Skins:  KALIL - TONE 1 - HAIR - BEARD
Hair:  Dura   - *Dura-Boy*19 (Black)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Classic -Oak Leaf (m) Bright

From Left to Right
Pose 1: Diesel Works - Baasha 8
Pose 2: Diesel Works - Baasha 11
Pose 3: Diesel Works - Baasha 03

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