Lava Flows

Tableau Vivant has released the first of a new series of skins, stage, poses and acessories called Demons of Lava. Included in this pack comes a lava pit stage, three couples poses and skins that include bald, hair base, lighter brows and darker brows.  It also features a few tattoo layers for your face and legs and a mesh leg attachment that is animated.  This pack is a must have for those of you who like to let your creativity run wild and who enjoy making theme photos.

~Tableau Vivant - Demon of Lava ~

Additional Items:

Ritch Nicholls:

Eyes: MADesigns: Purpose - 70s Grunge (The Men's Department)
Horns: Illusions - Sibirica Horns

Divos Titanium:

Eyes: Fallen Gods, Inc. - Glowing Eyes
Hair: MADesigns - Puck - VIII
Horns: Illusions - Sibirica Horns

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