It's been a while, but with the return of summer and a new daytime work schedule, I look forward to focusing more on The Boystown Closet.  With that in mind, Cheerno recently released a mesh avatar called "The Ken Doll."  Hop on over to the Boystown Cheerno store and check 'em out!

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Taketomi - Nori - Dark Browns
Eyes: Cheerno - Dilunna - Brown #3
Body: Cheerno - Mesh Doll Ken - Light Skin
Swimsuit: Cheerno - Celebrate Underwear - Red
Shoes: Fruk - Nitric Boots - White

Pose 1: Poseology - Daniel 5
Pose 2: Poseology - Cole 2

Ice Cream Cart: What Next - Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart - Blue

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