12:52 PM

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!  Here's to a wonderful holiday season full of wishes that are merry and bright for you and yours!



Divos Titanium:

Hat: Reckless. - Santa Hat 3
Santa Coat: Gabriel - Santa Coat
Santa Pants and Boots: Gabriel - Santa Pants


1:18 PM


Reckless Photo Contest - Divos Titanium

There's nothing like a fresh shower and close shave, especially when they come courtesy of a wicked little Apple.  With all of the holiday festivities going about, a man has to be prepared to look his best.  To everyone out there, here's hoping you have the merriest of holidays full of joy and light. <3

Lastly, if you haven't checked out Reckless lately, there's no time like the present.  Apple is sporting a number of items below, so go give 'em a peek! 

Reckless Menswear worn by Apple:

Glasses: Reckless - Grandpappy Glasses
Tattoo: Reckless - Absent
Santa Hat: Reckless - Santa Hat Black

Shaving Cream: No! Project - Shaving Cream
Build: Apple Fall - Old Manufactory
Cloth: Apple Fall - Red Teacloth
Planter: Dust Bunny . Hanging Flower Pot . Blue
Shave Mirror: O.M.E.N - Dear John - Shaving Set 
Flower: LDG - Bouquet Poinsettia - White
Tray: Second Spaces - Bathroom Clutter - tray of accessories
Bucket: Second Spaces - Bathroom Clutter - bucket of things
Jars: Second Spaces - Bathroom Clutter - jars of essentials 
Condoms: David Heather @ The Arcade - Condom Box
Toiletry Bag: David Heather @ The Arcade - Travel Toiletry Bag 
Shelf: David Heather @ The ArcadeShaving Shelf
Travel Kit: David Heather @ The ArcadeToiletry Bag/Mahogany
Cologne: David Heather @ The ArcadeColognes
Skincare: David Heather @ The ArcadeToiletry Skincare
Razor: David Heather @ The ArcadeElectric Razor
Robe: David Heather @ The Arcade - Bathrobe Rack 
Jacket: AMITOMO.StyleShareGacha holding Denim jacket
Frame: Skye frame 3
Sign: xin + toro // gentlemen sign
Razor & Brush: xin + toro // shave stuff
Cabinet & Mirror: LAQ Decor ~ Bathroom Cabinet Sink - Black & Gold
Bottles: Bazar - Toronto - Bathroom bottles
Toothpaste: Bazar - Toronto - Toothpaste
Toothbrush: Bazar - Toronto - Toothbrush
Curtain: Ariskea @ The Arcade - [Petite Paris] Curtain
Lights: Happy Mood - Color Lights 
Mirror Lights: {vespertine} - starry fairylights window /copper
Snowman: Sari-Sari - Flippy
Path: Botanical - *Edged Brick Park Path Controller*


8:01 PM

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale

The LTD Event has made its December debut!  Celebrating all things winter, this event brings together a number of the top creators on the grid when it comes to home & garden decor.

LTD Event Items:

Boat Seat: Cheeky Pea - Boat Canopy - w/snow
Bird House: 22769 ~  [bauwerk] Outdoor Birdhouse
Fire Pit: .:revival:. fire bowl
Logs: .:revival:. covered fire wood stack
Tree: Little Branch - Bradford.Bended{4Seasons}

Other Notable Items:

Twinkle Tree: Apple Fall - Twinkling Birch *Upcoming Store Release*
Clock: Apple Fall - Oversized Horloge *Upcoming Store Release*
Popcorn: Apple Fall - Buttery Popcorn
Stone Path: Apple Fall - Stormwood ~ Cobblestone Floor
S'more: Token&Tribe - Smore' Set
Sandwiches: dust bunny . summer picnic . deli sandwiches
Ukulele: dust bunny . summer picnic . ukulele classic
Picnic: dust bunny . summer picnic . picnic basket 
Chandelier: Fancy Decor: Postcard Chandelier
Racoon: Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Gasping
Gnome: Mutresse - Festive - Garden Lady Gnomes 
Fence: 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Gate
Bell: 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Wishing Bell
Lanterns: {anc} forest lantern. - lantern floating


3:55 PM

On a High Note!

On a High Note!

Apple Fall:

Hair: Taketomi - Kaito - Balayage 
Scarf: Mikunch - Snood - Aztec
Sweater: Cold Ash - Alaska Sweater
Glasses: Sorgo - Akira - Tortoise 
Coffee: Flite - Controversial

Divos Titanium:

Hat: MishMish @ Collabor88 - Bakery Fluffy Hat - Gingerbread
Hair: Burley - Hans - Red 04
Sweater: Amitomo - Shirt Under Sweater - #3 
Phone: Muschi - MyPhone 


Car: Consignment @ The Arcade - Tilbury Roadster - Red
Dog: Xin. @ The Arcade - Shiki Husky - Baby It's Cold Outside
Present: MudHoney @ The Arcade - Brights Giftbox Merry
Present: MudHoney @ The Arcade - Brights Giftbox Deer
Gift Bag: MudHoney @ The Arcade - Brights Giftbag Spots
Present: Dust Bunny @ Collabor88 - Present Pile
Ear Muffs: Boon - Saikiin Rabbit Fur Earmuffs - Color Modded


1:05 PM

Pictured [15]

Luciano Enoch (left)

Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Dark Brown
Hair: Taketomi - Messi - Dark Browns
Jacket: Diram - Derick - Jacket - White (the Men's Dept)
Pants: Diram - Nick Jogging - White (the Men's Dept)
Scarf: Diram - Derick Scarf - Motif (the Men's Dept)
Pose: Poseology - Adham 5

Ritch Nicholls (right)

Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blu
Hair: Taketomi - Joker - Platinums
Jacket: Diram - Derick - Jacket - Black (the Men's Dept)
Pants: Diram - Nick Jogging - Black (the Men's Dept)
Scarf: Diram - Derick Scarf - Motif (the Men's Dept)
Pose: Poseology - Adham 6


8:35 PM

Not Even a Mouse

Not Even a Mouse

Collabor88 - December 2015
Wood Burning Stove
-{what next} Hanne Woodburning Stove (Iron) -Wood Fireplace
-{what next} Hanne Fireplace Tools
-{what next} Hanne Kettle (Red)
-{what next} Hanne Fireplace Surround (Wood)
-{what next} Hanne Log Pile
Hearth Decor
-{what next} Nordic Lantern (small)
-Glam Affair – Lanterns
-Glam Affair - Noel Sign
-tarte. burlap tree (bare)
-dust bunny . present pile
-dust bunny . tree cookies

The Arcade - December 2015
-MudHoney Canvas Stocking 1
-MudHoney Linen Stocking Merry
-Trompe Loeil - Holiday Pillow Basket Decor -Advent Calendar
Metal Tree
-Trompe Loeil - Hammered Silver Tree
-.04 [ kunst ] - Raw wood stool (b)
Labrador Puppy
-O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Dream Pup – RARE

Tannenbaum - through December 25
Hearth Decor
-JIAN '15 Holiday Decor :: Wreath (Wall)
-tarte. twig snowflake (bare)

Other Notables – Available on Marketplace
-34 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Old Rugs – gacha
-10 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Curtains Left


9:14 PM

Christmas Bliss

Nothing like waking up on Christmas morning to a kiss from a great guy and the mews of adorable kitties! <3


Santa Hat: Reckless @ TMD - Santa Hat 2 Black
Pants: [AP.PAREL] Long Johns - Black & Grey
Lights Wreath: Ohmai @ Tannenbaum - Xmas Lights Wreath - Playful


Build: Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88 - Rakkaus Skybox 
Chair: dust bunny @ collabor88 . my plaid chair . adult
Package: dust bunny @ collabor88 . present pile
Kittens: JIAN @ Winter Gacha Festival - A Very Kitten Christmas - Kittens
Bouqet: cinphul @ Tannenbaum // balmy [bouquet] & [box]
Stocking: Lost Junction @ Tannenbaum - Hangy Socks - Red Print - Stocking 
Christmas Tree & Ornaments: All @ Tannenbaum
Blocks: - Kalopsia @ Tannenbaum - Blocks - Love
Duck: - Kalopsia @ Tannenbaum - Puddle Duck - White
Sleigh: The Loft & Aria @ The Arcade - Monogrammed Sled Decor 
Plant: Trompe Loeil @ The Arcade - Mistletoe Vintage Jar
Pillows: Trompe Loeil @ The Arcade - Holiday Pillow Basket Decor
House: "JIM" - Rustic House (Snowflake & Christmas)
Logs: Apple Fall Birch Logs w/ Belt
Fireplace: Apple Fall Heritage Woodburner
Tea: Apple Fall Tea Time Teaset
Pudding: Apple Fall Christmas Pudding
Tins: Apple Fall Tea Time Tins
Broom: Apple Fall Straw Broom
Banners: Apple Fall Christmas Banner (Santa & Maybe)
Plate: 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Plate Collection
Phone: 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Off the Hook
Ukulele: dust bunny . summer picnic . ukulele floral
Rug: ~Libertine~ Green brocade rug, square small


8:29 PM

Each Day Brings Something New

Each Day Brings Something New

Chair: Regimade - Fuckin' Chair 
Build: dust bunny - lily cottage
Chair: Bazar - Traveler - Armchair
Pillows: {vespertine} @ The Arcade - cushions 13
Plates: Sari-Sari - Bohemian Summer - Decorative Plates
Rug: Zigana - Rag Rug - Hunter
Rug: junk. - zebra rug
Coat: Apple Fall - Old Coat
Jacket: AMITOMO - StyleShareGacha - Holding Denim Jacket
Shelf: Apt B - Farm Living Simple Shelf
Butterfly Stump: 8f8 - Our Secret Hideout - Butterfly Gift
Books: Zaara [home] : 14 Pile of books
Blocks: Zaara [home] : 13 Block prints
Vase: dust bunny - babybreath vase
Prints: junk. abstract canvas. floor.
Sconce: Apple Fall Neva's Finial Wall Sconce 
Coffee & Muffin: Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin
Tea Tin: Tres Blah - Tea Time - Tin with Flowers 
Table: floorplan. arrow table
Pillow: MudHoney Throw Pillow Gold Polka Dots
Books: {vespertine} @ The Arcade - readers corner 6
Plant: Apple Fall Cotton Cluster
Clock: Fancy Decor: Wire Clock
Plant: Nylon Outfitters @ The Arcade - Quirky Face Pot - Theresa
Mirror: Cheeky Pea - Delilah Mirror
Fireplace: Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (Black)
Firewood: dust bunny . firewood basket
Roses: Ariskea @ The Arcade - [ Petite Paris] Les Roses Anges RARE
Blanket: Trompe Loeil - Enfield Trunk Closed Le Cerf
Magazines: -tres blah-  Hodgepodge - Stacked Magazines
Hot Chocolate: !Ohmai @ Tannenbaum : Hot Cocoa [Gingy]
Apple Pie: dust bunny . apple pie
Table: Ariskea @ The Arcade - [ Petite Paris] La  Table


8:31 PM

Christmas Blend

Christmas Blend

Divos Titanium: 

Hair: Dura - Boy 64 - Sienna
Sweater: [Deadwool] @ TMD - Ernst sweater - Fitted Turtleneck - Red
Pants: [Pumpkin] - Patched Skinnies 
Shoes: Flite. @ The Arcade - Winter Boots - Black
Book Bag: Flite.@ The Arcade - Slouchy Bag (Black)- Common
Notebook: Flite. @ The Arcade - Mypad Notebook - Brown
Coffee: Flite. @ The Arcade - Kickstart Coffee - Controversy
Wallet: Traveler - Vintage Personal Items


9:26 PM




Hair: Taketomi -Tama - Reds
Scarf: Redgrave @ TMD - Wrapscarf 
Sweater: Pumpkin @ TMD - Loose Sweater
Pants: Deadwool - Corduroy Pants - Mustard

The Arcade - December 2015 Round

Build: {anc} No Limits - Stairs for Sunlight - Rare
Birds: {anc} No Limts - Flying Dove - Soda-Blue 
Birds: {anc} No Limits - Walking Dove - Sugar White & Soda-Blue
Nest: Dust Bunny - Robin Nest - Natural
8:21 AM



The third in a series commemorating the Boystown Employee Thanksgiving.

"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings."


11:06 AM

Gather Round The Table

Gather Round the Table

After hours of baking with Parker Droverson, the table was set and ready to go!  With a large number of BT employees, it required a veritable feast . . . and a lot of ovens!


8:32 PM

Thankful (A Recap)

Boystown Employee Thanksgiving

The first in a series to commemorate the Boystown Employee Thanksgiving dinner last week.  The party @ Boystown started over eight years ago, and it still hasn't stopped.  We have the best employees on the grid to make it all possible!


4:41 PM

If Only In My Dreams

If Only in My Dreams

Tannenbaum Event - through December 25, 2015

Tree: Botanical - Green Douglas Fir Tree
Tree Decor:
-Kalopsia - Twigs Star - Dark RARE Gacha
-Kalopsia - Wood Ball Peace Gacha
-Kalopsia - Wood Angel - Grey Gacha
-Kalopsia - Wood Candy Cane - Yellow Gacha
-Kalopsia - Pickle RARE Gacha
-xin frosty ornament Gacha
-The Loft - Monochrome Christmas Ribbon White Gacha
Wall Decor:  
-Pewpew! Tree Xmas Frame
-Pewpew! Dream Xmas Frame
-Pewpew! Joy Xmas Frame
-[Commoner] Gilded Modern / Wall Art (Jingle Bells 01)
-[Commoner] Gilded Modern / Wall Art (Jingle Bells 02)
-Fancy Decor: Snowflakes
-7mad;Ravens Let It Snow Sign
-7mad;Ravens Believe Sign
-[Lost Junction] Hangy Socks - Red Print - Stockings
-Silence. - Merry and Bright
Sofa: Happy Dispatch WinterLover sofa
Pillows: MudHoney Throw Pillows
Candles: MudHoney Pillar Candles Damask 
-hive noel tin train
-Silence. - NOEL
-Silence. - Fabric Trees
-Fancy Decor: Wooden Snowflakes
-JIM - Rustic Xmas Tree
-JIM - Rustic Houses
-[Brixley] Christmas tree shelf

Other Notable Items:

B.C.C Roxy Bedroom - Knitted Rug -Red
Trompe Loeil  Branch Wreath
GCD  Cardboard Boxes
Build: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Granny's Cottage RARE Gacha


7:38 PM

Yuletide Nostalgia

Yuletide Nostalgia


Pants: [AP.PAREL] Long Johns  - Red Plaid
Hair: Action Inkubator HAIR Jesse

The Arcade - December 2015 Round:

Train: {what next} Winter's Cottage Rare
Puppy: O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Dream Pup - RARE
Slippers: -David Heather-Bathroom Slippers
Cups: Vespertine - YumYum Cups
Gift Bag: MudHoney Brights Giftbag White
Gift Bag: MudHoney Brights Giftbag Spots
Gift Box: MudHoney Brights Giftbox Chevron
Gift Box: MudHoney Brights Giftbox Spots
Gift Box: MudHoney Brights Giftbox Deer
Gift Box: MudHoney Brights Giftbox Merry


Cookies & Milk: Sari-Sari - Reindeer Donut Plate
Tree: Botanical - Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)
Lights: The Loft - Monochrome Christmas Twinkle Lights
Garland: Kalopsia - Bell Garland - Gold
Skirt: Silence. - Velvet Ruffle Tree Skirt - Red
- Sway's [PineConny] Ornament . green
- ~silentsparrow~  Felt Bird Ornaments - Peacock - Merry
- ~silentsparrow~  Felt Bird Ornaments - Owl - Bright
- [NO CONCEPT] christmas tree bell
- [NO CONCEPT] christmas tree star
- xin. sled ornament + naughty
- {anc} glass ornament. for tree (3)
- {anc} glass ornament. for tree (4) 
- Kalopsia - Wood Ball - Joy
- Kalopsia - Wood Ball - Peace
- Kalopsia - Wood Angel - Rust
- //Atomic// Gacha_Sweet Trimmings_RibbonCandy - Purple
- //Atomic// Gacha_Sweet Trimmings_CandyCane - Purple
- ARIA - Myrrh Handmade Vintage Teardrop Bauble Ornament
- !Ohmai: X'mas Magic [Mee]
- MishMish - Kitty in a box - Golden


8:39 PM

Merry and Bright

Merry and Bright

The Arcade - December 2015 Round

Build: dust bunny . poppy cottage 
Curtains: Ariskea[Petite Paris] Curtain 
Pouf: Ariskea [ Petite Paris] Le pouf Parisien
Rug: Ariskea [ Petite Paris] Le tapis
Flowers: Ariskea [ Petite Paris] Les Roses Anges 
Clock: Ariskea [ Petite Paris] La Clock with Sound
Pillow: MudHoney Throw Pillow Let it Snow
Stockings: MudHoney Linen Stocking Jolly
Chair: Aisling - Armchair
Tray: -tres blah- Cozy Winter - Tea Tray
Picture: -tres blah- Cozy Winter - Winter's Night
Packages: Second Spaces - Treat Yourself - Shopping Spree - boxes
Puppy: O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Knotty Dog
Fireplace: {vespertine} - wooden fireplace
Pillows: {vespertine} - cushions 
Books: {vespertine} - readers corner 
Laptop: {vespertine} -bed clutter 
Wreath: NOMAD // Baubles Wreath
Plant: (NO) Quirky Face Pot - Paul
Ornaments: [ keke ] winter ornaments in tin form

Tannenbaum Event

Canvas: Silence. - Merry and Bright
Train: hive // noel tin train
Sleigh: [NO CONCEPT] Christmas sled(white)
Tree Skirt: ARIA - Myrrh Burlap Tree Skirt 
- ARIA - Myrrh Handmade Vintage Bulb Bauble Ornament
- ARIA - Myrrh Handmade Vintage Finial Bauble Ornament
- ARIA - Myrrh Handmade Vintage Pointed Bauble Ornament
- ARIA - Myrrh Handmade Vintage Teardrop Bauble Ornament
- ARIA - Myrrh Handmade Vintage Traditional Bauble Ornament
- {anc} glass ornament. for tree (3)
- {anc} glass ornament. for tree (4)
- MishMish - Kitty in a box - Golden
- MishMish - Kitty in a box - Golden
- Kalopsia - Wood Ball - Joy
- Kalopsia - Glitter Leaf - Silver

Other Notable Items

Tree: dust bunny . christmas tree
Plant: Traveler-Plant1
Fireplace Candles: Fancy Decor: Fireplace


7:56 PM

I'm Coming Home

I'm Coming Home

The Arcade - December 2015 Round

Boots: Flite-Winter Boots- Tan 
Dog: O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Santa Paws 
Car: [Con.] Tilbury Roadster - red 
Bench: {what next} - Winter Bench - Deer
Bike: {what next} - Winter Bike 
Doormat: {what next} Deer Welcome Mat
Bag1: MudHoney - Brights Giftbag White
Bag 2: MudHoney - Brights Giftbag Spots
Telephone Poles: {anc} No Limits - old electric pole - wash

Tannenbaum Event:

Hat: MadPea - Raymond the Raving Reindeer Hat
Jacket: xin - duffle coat - white
Garland: JIAN - '15 Holiday Decor - Garland
Wreath: JIAN '15 Holiday Decor - Wreath
Bag: RO - Holly Jolly Bag
Package: Cinphul - Balmy Parcel
Sled: Floorplan - Crate Sled

Other Notable Items:

Pants: E-Clipse - Hermes Pants - Vinaccia
Build: Dust Bunny - Willow Farmhouse
Plant: [DDD] - Poinsettia Pot - Texture Change
Tree: Dust Bunny - Christmas Tree 
Dog: Half-Deer - Shiba Inu - Better View


5:23 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!


9:00 AM

Multi-tonal Respite

Multi-tonal Respite

The November round of Love to Decorate has arrived!  If you have love for home and garden decor, you have until the 26th to check out the event that is celebrating all things Fall!

Love to Decorate - November Round

Bed: Consignment - BirdNest DayBed
Bench: [Brixley] heart bench - white
Candles: [Brixley] log candles group

6 Republic Items - November Round

Pot: Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vineyard Vase
Build: Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vineyard Hideout
Vine: Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vines Corner
Floor: Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vineyard Floor Addon

Additional Notable Items:

Chairs: junk. annona chair
Bucket w/ Leaves: junk. withering bucket.
Fountain: Culprit Roman Wall Fountain
Cheese Tray: -tres blah- Soiree - Cheese Tray
Wine: *YS&YS* La Cantina - 08 Wine Set 


8:34 PM

Boys Night Out

Boys Night Out

6 Republic Event Items:

Phonograph: BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Phonograph
Zeppelin: NOMAD // Art Deco Industrial // Zeppelin Decor
Food: {BE} Burger & French fries (Click to Vend)
Stool: {BE} Vintage Stool
Vase: Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vineyard Vase
Vine: Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vines Corner
Poster: [ContraptioN] Decor: Pinned Poster Set
Bar Rack: [ContraptioN] Decor: Overhead Bar Rack 
Bottles: [ContraptioN] Decor: Barrel Joint Bar Bottle Set
Shelf: [ContraptioN] Decor: Barrel Joint Bar Shelf 
Lights: [ContraptioN] Decor: Barrel Joint Bar Lights
Tap: [ContraptioN] Decor: Barrel Joint Bar Tap 
Stool: [ContraptioN] Decor: Barrel Joint Bar Stool
Table: MadPea Hoodlums' Hideout  - Poker Table 
Glass: MadPea Hoodlums' Hideout - Full Whiskey Glass
Ashtray: MadPea Hoodlums' Hideout  - Ashtray
Chair: MadPea Hoodlums' Hideout  - Chair 


2:15 PM

Heads Carolina, Tails California

Heads Carolina, Tails California

The 6 Republic event for November has arrived, and with 67 stores participating, it is a decorators dream!  The 6 Republic continues until November 20th, so pop on over and take a peek at some of the grid's most talented creators!

6 Republic Items:

Pot: Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vineyard Vase1
Stool: Kalopsia - Venice Beach Stool - Yelloish
Bear: Kalopsia - Carved Bear
Beer: Kalopsia - Venice Beach Beers
Rug: Bauhaus Movement - Californication -  Rug Beige
Pillows: Bauhaus Movement - Californication -  Tris Pillow
Anchor: {Reverie} 'California Kicks' - Decor Anchor
Console: [Commoner] California Dreamin' / Salvaged Console
Light: [Commoner] California Dreamin' / Table Lamp
Bear Art: [IDEZA Furnitures] - Licensed to Bear
Sign: Bazar - California-Surf Motel Sign
Bus: Bazar - California- VW retro bus
Rug: Bazar - California-Rug
Surfboards: Bazar - California-Surf boards rack
Arrow Light: The Hive - Industrial Lighted Arrow // Rusty
Chair: MudHoney Hudson Chair - Chestnut

Other Notable Items:

Banana Tree: Shiny Shabby GiftLB_Banana_Potted*Little branch
Plant: oyasumi / plant #1
Flip Flops Bucket: [][[ bs [][] - flip flop holder
Mobile: Cheeky Pea - Margarita Beach Cap Mobile


9:00 AM

Black Magic


9:37 PM

Cauldron Bubble

Cauldron Bubble

LTD Event Items:

Bar: N4RS Provence Bar
Stool: Provence Bar Stool
Frame: tarte. my deer frame
Light: tarte. sunflower pendant light

Wayward Halloween Event Items:

Pumpkin: //lunaBeam// Carving Away! Pumpkin Set
Stencils: //lunaBeam// Stencil Time! Pumpkin Set
Sign: {what next} Trick or Treat Sign
Plant: { Speakeasy } Beetlejuice Flower pot
Shelf: { Speakeasy } Homemade shelf
Eyeball Pumpkin: TANNHAUSER - Pumpkin candies

Other Additional Items:

Runner: {what next} Witching Hour Treats Table
Punch/Drink Me Sign/Cups: {what next} Witching Hour Punch
Art: {what next} Witching Hour Wall Art
Lollipops: {what next} Witching Hour Lollipops
Candy Apples: {what next} Witching Hour Candy Apples
Cookies: {what next} Witching Hour Gingerbread Men
Sign: {what next} Witching Hour - Magic Bunting
Cupcake: {what next} Witching Hour Cupcakes
Cookies: [LJ] @ Tag Gacha Gothic Luncheon - Sugar Skull Cookies
Fish Bowl: Jian @ Tag Gacha :: Cuddle Creepers - Pumpkin Fishbowl


8:42 PM



LTD Event Items:

Swing: [ zerkalo ] Love Birds Swing - Adult
Build: [PM]Pixel Mode - The Artist's Studio
Fireplace: +CONVAIR+ Autumn Fireplace
Tools: +CONVAIR+ FIreplace Tools
Bean Bag: .:revival:. bean bag
Post Cards: { affaire } to whom it may concern
Clock: { affaire } jaime decorer clock + flat
Rugs: Kalopsia - Rugs
Room Divider: Token&Tribe- Lit Branch Divider

Additional Items:

Dog: +Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu - Sleepy
Book: [NO CONCEPT] @ TMD - Halloween book
Blanket Basket: Apt B // Snuggle Up Basket
Bucket: Apt B // Snuggle Up Bucket


8:45 PM

Gimmie Candy Now!

Gimmie Candy Now!

Wayward Halloween Event Items:

Cat & Pumpkins in Chair: .:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha chair décor
Fence: .:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha Fence
Jack-o-Lantern: .:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha Phanton and Pumpkin Decor
Planter: { Speakeasy } Beetlejuice Flower pot
Rug: { Speakeasy } Old rug
Witch Hats: Casita - Hanging Witchy Décor
Pumpkin: .:Bee designs:. Trick or Treat -Kitten pumpkin RARE

Other Additional Items:

Flowers: Ariskea @ LTD Event - [Mellow ] Autumn Poppy Flower [Deep Pink]
Sign: {what next} Witching Hour Treats Sign
Candy Bowl: [DDD] Pumpkin Candy Bowl
Pumpkin Stand: Casita - Hoo Hoo Pumpkin Stand
Build: Culprit Lafayette Shotgun House
Chair: PILOT - Larkin Set - Hanging Chair 2
Lantern: Apple Fall - Feuilles Lantern
Wreath: !! Follow US !! Autumn Pumpkins wreath
Bicycle: {vespertine}-dreamers vehicle /ketchup
Mailbox: {vespertine- vintage mailbox/birdies}
7:34 AM

Autumn Sunrise

Autumn Sunrise

October brings us the latest Love to Decorate (LTD) event!  Check out the newest decor creations from a number of the grid's most talented designers.

And if that wasn't enough, The Season's Story is out in full force as well.  Catch the spirit of autumn with this seasonal event.

Love to Decorate Items:

Chairs: Kalopsia - Rustic Armchair
Table: Kalopsia - Rustic Table
Bench: Kalopsia - Rustic Bench
Rug: Kalopsia - Rugs
Chandelier: Kalopsia - Chandelier
Console: The Hive - Barn Door Console // Wood Mix
Frame: [Con.] Essentials - Map 5
Shelf Décor: Ariskea[Mellow ]  Entrance Way Decors
Flowers: Ariskea[Mellow ] Autumn Poppy Flower [Deep Pink]
Wall Décor: { affaire } branch wall décor
Lantern: { affaire } kerosene lamp + decor
Divider: Token&Tribe- Lit Branch Divider (Light) Option2
Wall Décor: { affaire } wooden chevron décor
Clock: { affaire } jaime decorer clock + tilted
Door: Vagabond - Yael's Door (Dark/Dark)

The Season's Story Items:

Pillow: [ zerkalo ] Halloween in White - Pillow
Cake: Poche - Apple pound cake poche
Drink: Poche - apple drink
Jam: Poche - Jam
Plate: Poche - Apple pound cake plate
Apple: Poche - Baked apple
Snacks: Poche - apple macaron

Other Items:

Chair: Chairs: junk. @ Fameshed - shabby old chair.
Metal Bucket: junk. @ Fameshed - vintage milk carrier.
Mushrooms: junk. @ Fameshed - stone toadstools.

Walls: LISP @ Collabor88 - Artemis Panel Wall Low - Dark
Muffins: dust bunny @ Epiphany . muffin tin
Plates: ISPACHI [EMERSON] Stack Of Saucers
Lantern: Trompe Loeil - Paxton Lantern
Dishes: Second Spaces - Industrial Baker's Rack


12:32 PM

Pictured [14]

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: The Skin Shop - Prince
Eyes: Clemmm - The Whites - Darker
Eye Makeup - Clef de Peau - Kustom9 Make Up Gift (Kustom9)
Hair: Exile - Voltage - Natural Fusion
Shoulder Wrap: Gabriel - Furl Stole - Black (The Epiphany Company Event)
Suit: David Heather - Gabardine Suit - Black
Ghost: - Happy Dispatch - My Friend Ghost - 08 (part of the Tag Event)
Pose: Poseology - Ritch 5


1:07 PM

Festive Fright Night

Festive Fright Night

The Wayward Halloween Event is in full swing, with a number of killer items for the scariest of seasons.  Check it out now from October 16th - 31st!  For more information, see the links below:

In addition, the Tag! Gacha event just opened as well, and it's a great interactive experience that also boasts impressive seasonal items.  It's also a great opportunity to participate in an event without lag - the link below will take you to the starting point. 

Wayward Event Items:

Jack-O-Lantern: [ zerkalo ] Pumpkin Faces - Pumpkin in a Hat
Picture: Serenity Style - Not every witch picture frame
Book: Serenity Style - Not every witch book and shoe
Sign: {what next} - Trick or Treat Sign
Potted Hand: Culprit Monster Pot Witch-Hazel
Ribbons: {anc} - sleepwarking ribbons - cream
Black Cat: TANNHAUSER - Cat garden décor
Pumpkins: { Speakeasy } - Pumpkins Black & orange
Cake: [Toiz] - black cake

Tag! Gacha Items:

Build: RO - Hotel Paranoia - Skybox
Fireplace: RO - Hotel Paranoia - Ash Lurker Fireplace
Dome: {vespertine} - mystery animal skulls dome
Table: MudHoney Lenore Table black
Table Runner: *Shai* - Ornate Dining Table
Cupcakes: Lost Junction - Gothic Luncheon - Red Velvet Eyeball Cupcakes
Candelabra: NOMAD - Gothic Candelabra

Additional items:

Rug: [Toiz] - tarot rug
Bird Cage Candles: .:revival:. - caged candle large
Pillows: .:revival:. - floor pillows black


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