A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale

The LTD Event has made its December debut!  Celebrating all things winter, this event brings together a number of the top creators on the grid when it comes to home & garden decor.

LTD Event Items:

Boat Seat: Cheeky Pea - Boat Canopy - w/snow
Bird House: 22769 ~  [bauwerk] Outdoor Birdhouse
Fire Pit: .:revival:. fire bowl
Logs: .:revival:. covered fire wood stack
Tree: Little Branch - Bradford.Bended{4Seasons}

Other Notable Items:

Twinkle Tree: Apple Fall - Twinkling Birch *Upcoming Store Release*
Clock: Apple Fall - Oversized Horloge *Upcoming Store Release*
Popcorn: Apple Fall - Buttery Popcorn
Stone Path: Apple Fall - Stormwood ~ Cobblestone Floor
S'more: Token&Tribe - Smore' Set
Sandwiches: dust bunny . summer picnic . deli sandwiches
Ukulele: dust bunny . summer picnic . ukulele classic
Picnic: dust bunny . summer picnic . picnic basket 
Chandelier: Fancy Decor: Postcard Chandelier
Racoon: Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Gasping
Gnome: Mutresse - Festive - Garden Lady Gnomes 
Fence: 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Gate
Bell: 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Wishing Bell
Lanterns: {anc} forest lantern. - lantern floating

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