Jan 26, 2015

7:53 AM

Take On Me

The Boystown 80's prom was in full effect this weekend, and it was definitely a night to remember! The Aqua Net was sprayed, the tuxes pressed and the Prom Committee went all out on the Boystown Valley High gym.  We went back the 80s, and here is how it all went down!
This post is inspired by the event.  For more pictures, check out the Boystown Flickr album:


Divos Titanium:

Hair: Tableau Vivant @ TMD - Otto Hair - Redheads
Skin: Hermony - Symon - ST2
Jacket: Zed - High Collar Leather Jacket - Charcoal
Tie: Aleida - Sousa Fashion Tie - Black
Pants: Phunk - Beetlejuice Pants
Glasses: Cheerno - Eighties Sunglasses
Gloves: F.A.D. - Vindictus 4-Finger Gloves - Black
Shoes: Represent - Mirror Plated High Top Sneaker
Pose: HISpose - HISmic

Jan 22, 2015

12:53 PM

Pictured [3]

Jan 17, 2015

10:26 AM

Winding Down

Jan 16, 2015

9:49 AM


For those of you sporting the mesh body, there's a new speedo release that fits in all the right places!  Check out the new Dufaux Mesh Boutique by Luca Boucher, and be on the lookout for more new releases soon.

Divos Titanium:

HAIR: Dura - Boys and Girls 55 - Sienna
SKIN: Hermony - Symon - ST2
BODY: The Mesh Projects "The Shops" - Deluxe Body - Beta
BATHING SUIT: Dufaux - TMP Speedo No1 - Metallic Blue
TATTOO: Reckless - Homeward
BAG: Aitui - Beach Bag - Golden Sunset
POSES: Poseology

Jan 15, 2015

12:33 PM

Pictured [2]

Jan 12, 2015

9:29 AM

Gone Country

Divos Titanium:

HAT: Argrace - Cowboy Hat Sora - Rosewood
SKIN: Hermony - Symon - ST2
BEARD: Deco - Bandit Beard (Color Modified)

BODY: The Mesh Projects "The Shops" - Deluxe Body - Beta
SCARF: Mandala - Legendary Necklace
PANTS: 2byte - Waist Shirt Jeans

Al Toby:

HAIR: Dura - Boy 52 - Black
BODY: The Mesh Projects "The Shops" - Deluxe Body - Beta
SCARF: Harm's Way - Rolled Bandana
PANTS: Bravura - Overall Solo - Light Blue

Jan 11, 2015

12:25 PM

Breaking The Rules : Pictured [1]

Jan 10, 2015

9:19 AM

Extreme Heat Advisory

Divos Titanium:

POSE: Poseology - Winding Down (To Be Released 1/17)

HAT: Action - Swagga Hat - Los Santos
HAIR: Action - Jimmy Veganic Hair
SKIN: Hermony - Symon - ST2
BODY: The Mesh Project "The Shops" - Deluxe Body - Beta
UNDERWEAR: Kry.Moda - Men's Underwear Mesh - Black
WATCH: Chronokit - Watch No. 37 - Lancelot Black
PHONE / EAR PLUGS: Muschi - My Phone

RAFT: Cheeky Pea - Nairn Summer Raft

Jan 8, 2015

10:26 AM

I Said A Brrr . . .

Jan 7, 2015

11:21 AM

Once Upon a Dream

Jan 6, 2015

1:38 PM

Yearbook Photo 2014-2015

Strawberry Singh kicked off her Monday Meme’s again, and this is the first opportunity I have had to participate.  This week's challenge is the Second Life Facebook Smile meme.

My yearbook photo is included above, which brought back horrid memories where I had to put my fist under my chin and smile goofy for my real life yearbook photos. The real fun is checking out the Flickr group that captures all of everyone's delightful yearbook photos.  Enjoy, and don't forget to sign my yearbook!

Divos Titanium:

Hat: Action - Swagga Hat - Los Santos
Hair: Action - Jimmy Veganic Hair
Skin: Hermony - Symon - ST2
Shirt: Havok - Double Over Cardigan - Teal with Pink Tie
8:14 AM

Tub Thumping

Jan 4, 2015

10:23 AM

Rustic Luxe


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