Lean On Me : Pictured [4]

Poseology Poses is participating in the Jack or Jill Hunt.  Follow either the male or female path to grab items for that gender.  Posesology is #50 on the Jack path and the clue is.....

The higher you climb the farther you'll go, but if you go to far you'll miss what's below.

For a full list of participants check them out here. Good luck and enjoy!

(Left to Right)

Ritch Nicholls:

Hair: Damselfly - Parker - Light Blonds
Pants: Pumpkin -Sweatpants - grey crosses
Shoes FLite - Skyhigh - Grunge

Cole Delpiaz:

Hair: GB & Dura - Knit Cap - Dark Brown
Sweater: 2byte - sweatshirts 07 (unpacked)
Pants: Pumpkin - Patched skinnies - light blue
Shoes: FLite - Skyhigh Grey 

Pose: Poseology - Lean On Me (JOJ Hunt)

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