Sweet Tooth


Apple Fall - An Lar Antique Booth
Apple Fall - Old Painters' Stool
Apple Fall Cherry Iced Tea
Apple Fall Buttery Popcorn
Apple Fall "We're Open' Sign
Che Bella // Traveling Confectionist - Sweet Pops
{amiable}Pop Candy Party Gacha11
.Quirky. - Chocolate Chip Cookie Box
.Quirky. - Milk
{amiable}Pop Candy Party Gacha17
{amiable}Pop Candy Party Gacha15
{ud} & Little Moments .Summer Drink. [peach]
{ud} & Little Moments .Summer Drink. [vanilla]
{ud} & Little Moments .Summer Drink. [coffee]
.trinket. sweet treats trio - cupcake
.trinket. sweet treats trio - donut
[Brixley] ice cream poster
Sari-Sari - Sweet Stuff - Gumball Jars
Sari-Sari - Sweet Stuff - Chocolate Shakes
Sari-Sari - Sweet Stuff - Ice Cream Cup
Sari-Sari - Sweet Stuff - Basket full of Chocolate
{NIJI cafe} Milkshake A .::Cubic Cherry::.
{NIJI cafe} Donutdisplay .::Cubic Cherry::.
{NIJI cafe} lollipop JAR .::Cubic Cherry::.
Sari-Sari - Sweet Stuff - Gumball Tree RARE
The Hive - BSB Cups & Spoons
The Hive - BSB Bunting
The Hive - Ice Cream Cart RARE
The Hive - BSB Whipped Cream
The Hive - BSB Syrup Bottles
The Hive - BSB Toppings
The Hive - BSB Bananas
The Hive - BSB Ice Cream Cones
The Hive - BSB Waffle Cones
EP - Candy Dandy Ice Cream *Tango Mango* ((add me))
EP - Candy Dandy Ice Cream *Berry Delight* ((add me))
EP - Candy Dandy Ice Cream *Vanilla Caramel* ((add me))
[LJ] Parlor Poster - Scoop - Cute

Additional items:

8f8 - Sweet Life Bakery - Lollipops
8f8 - Sweet Life Bakery - Muffins
8f8 - Sweet Life Bakery - Summer Bunting
8f8 - Sweet Life Bakery - Menu Board
8f8 - Ice Dreams - Strawberry Swirl Display
8f8 - Ice Dreams Yellow Ice Cream Display
8f8 - Ice Dreams Popsicle Display
8f8 - Ice Dreams Green Ice Cream Display
8f8 - Ice Dreams - Vintage Cone Stand
8f8 - Ice Dreams Table Menu
8f8 - Ice Dreams Vintage Ice Cream Machine
8f8 - Ice Dreams - Chocolate Cookie Dough in a Cup
8f8 - Ice Dreams - Ice Cream Delicious Toppings
8f8 - Ice Dreams - Ice Cream Accessories Set
xin. tablet register + dark
Bazaar - Traveler-Vintage personal items
!Ohmai @ Summerfest: Herring Gull (Hovering Slow - Rez)
!Ohmai @ Summerfest: Herring Gull (Stance3 - Rez)

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