Wakey Wakey, Eggs & Bakey

Wakey Wakey, Eggs & Bakey

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Speakeasy @ Sir Monthly January 8th - Devin Hair
Underwear: Swagga @ Sir Monthly January 8th - Brief - Candy

Static Frenzy:

Tattoo: Bolson - Mr. Burton
Hair: Taketomi - Kenji


Pans: Apple Fall Pan Rack 
Stove: Apple Fall Pembleton Cooker
Scale: Apple Fall Neva's Antique Scales
Bowls: Apple Fall Mixing Bowl Set
Coffee: Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin
Cabinet: dust bunny . small spaces kitchen
Eggs: dust bunny . egg holder
Eggs: dust bunny . egg soldiers
Stove Pan: dust bunny . cinnamon roll skillet
Muffin Tin: dust bunny . muffin tin
Skillet: dust bunny . breakfast skillet
Chair: dust bunny . researcher's chair
Waffles: dust bunny . blueberry waffles
Breakfast: dust bunny . breakfast plate
Pancakes: dust bunny . blueberry pancakes
Toast: dust bunny . toast basket
Cinnamon Roll: dust bunny . cinnamon roll plate
Cereal: dust bunny . bowl of cereal
Griddle: dust bunny . pancake griddle
Pastries: dust bunny . pastry rack
Milk: {vespertine}-dairy
Breakfast Plate: =EliBaily= English Breakfast
Pancakes: ISPACHI - Pancake Breakfast
Shelf: Tres Blah - Kitchen Basics - Full Shelf
Counter Items: -tres blah- Hodgepodge - Breakfast Clutter
Shelf: Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Wire Shelf
Utensils: Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Washing Utensils
Plants: Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Chives and Parsley 1
Build: Scarlet Creative Rakkaus Skybox
Herb: [ Organica ] Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter
Table: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Table
Rug: Apt B // Rug V4

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