.You're Late.

.You're Late.
Bones crackled underneath your feet with each step, each noise echoed endlessly.
His scrutinizing eyes narrowed as you approached, clearly unimpressed.
“What took you so long? Hurry up.. They are waiting ..you’re already la-“
“Boo! Kahahaha.. “
“-te…Get lost, cat.”
“No need to look startled, love. Most everyone’s mad here..”
.Hair:  *Dura Anime*01(White)
.Watches:  C L A Vv.   Ribs Watch Necklaces, Tim’s Necklace Watch
.Jacket:  xin– Maxwell Coat  Black
.Pants: C L A Vv.  – Wrinkle Leather Pants – Brown  – TMD
.Boots: [Deadwool] Patmos boots
.Rabbits:  {anc} cotton bunny- sugar, & cappuccino
— Below Items at The Epiphany  Coming Soon!
.Ears: RO – Wonderland – Rabbit Ears
.Clock: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. – {NOISE} empty ticking
.Cheshire: CURELESS  & [n.i]  –  aliceinmonsterland / 09 / thechesire
.Bottle: CURELESS  & [n.i]  – aliceinmonsterland / 06 / drinkmebottle
.Lance: CURELESS  & [n.i] –  aliceinmonsterland / 11 / lanced
.Chess Boards: CURELESS  & [n.i]  – aliceinmonsterland / exclusive / thegameboard

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