.Captain Pohwarun.

.Captain Pohwarun.
“Wait, the Vice Admiral has a brother?”
“Ah..Yes. He was a captain and just as insane.”
“Was? What happened to him?”
“Exiled. He never learned to share you see..”
.Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Bear  (Limited Edition Color)
.Eye Patch:  [CX] Vision of the Blind  – Kustom9
.Ears:  [CX] Industrial Ears
.Earrings: [CX] Aural Parasite
.Scarf: [CX] Delinquent Scarf –   TMD
.Necklace: [CX] Vagrant Necklace
.Ring Left: [CX] Skull Ring
.Rings Right: **RE** Biker Rings –  Men Only Monthly
.Mantle: ::GB:: FUR Stole (Black) RAR
.Jacket:  Yasum *Vintage Jacket* Pitch RARE (Modified)
.Belt: :Enigma:  Ragnar belt (comes with kilt)
.Pants: VRSION –  KONVERT   –   TMD

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