Apr 24, 2016

Courtside Swagga

Divos Titanium: 

Hair: No! Project - Andreas - Ginger
Hat: Flite - Trucker Cap
Shirt: Pumpkin - See Through Tee - White
Pants: Vale Koer @ TMD - Essential Joggers
Shoes: Vale Koer - Vasiforms (Group Gift)
Glasses: Zoom - Mercurium Glasses
Bracelet: Pure Poison - Alex Cuff

Brent Lockhearst:

Hair: Dura - Boy 63 - Bark
Shirt: Represent - Essential Trail Tank
Pants: Vale Koer - Hypebeast Shorts 
Shoes: Vale Koer - Vasiforms
Glasses: Sorgo - Futur Black
Bracelet: Mandala - Billionaire - Smexy - Black
Bracelet: Flite - Cofax Bracelet - Mixed Black

Set (by Brent Lockhearst):

Court: [Bad Unicorn] @ Epiphany - Court Cage
Skateboard: [Bad Unicorn] Unicorn Skateboard 
Basketball: [Bad Unicorn] @ Epiphany - "Orange" Basketball
Hydrant: DRD SC Street Scene fire hydrant
Bench: DRD SC Street Scene bench c/m
Sign: DRD SC Street Scene wall sign titos 
Van: FELGO Motors // ROADBURNER Arabmoney
Bag: -David Heather-Gym Bag2
Boombox: Frayed Knot Beatbox
Ashtray: [NikotiN] Ashtray City

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