Thirst Trappin'

Thirst Trappin'

Divos Titanium:

Stray Dog - Kenichi - Logo - Buttermilk
L'Etre Homme @ Signature Event - Gianni Body - Buttermilk
Apple Fall Old Mayfair Skybox 
Apple Fall Blossom Wreath
-David Heather-Toiletry Bag/Mahogany
-David Heather-Grooming Tray 
-David Heather-Travel Toiletry Bag 
-David Heather-Condom Box
-David Heather-Electric Razor
xin + toro // clipper heads
xin + toro // shave stuff
Second Spaces - Life's a Mess - Toothpaste Explosion
The Loft - Toothbrush
The Loft - Oriana Towel Holder L
The Loft - Oriana Towel Rack Pattern
{vespertine-sheabutter lotion}
[ARIA] Vivien concrete sink
Dutchie bathrobe white
N4RS -WET- Shower 

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