Come Through My Window.

Come Through My Window.

Home & Garden Info:

Build: Bueno @ Arcade - Room at the Top -Forget
Couch: Bueno - Not Love Seat - Stressed
Plant: Dust Bunny - Hanging Plants - Double Planter
Plant: Dust Bunny - Hanging Plants - Ivy Planter
Plant: Dust Bunny - Potted Dragon Tree
Plant: Dust Bunny - Elephant Ear Plant
Books: Apple Fall - Books - Arrangement 1
Bicycle: Nutmeg - Bike Green
Suitcases: Nutmeg - Old Suitcases Green
Bowl: Nutmeg - Kate's Bowl w/White Napkins
Flowers: Naked @ Shiny Shabby - Spring Tulips Set - Pink
Table: Nutmeg - Remi's Vintage Small Table Decor
Stool: Loft & Aria - Roma Garden Stool Black
Decor: Loft & Aria - Roma Beaded Decor Dark
Plants: Loft & Aria - Brewer Succulents
Lights: Loft & Aria - Brewer Pendant Light
Rug: Revival - Vintage Rug

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