A Private Little Workspace.

A Private Little Workspace.

Decor Items:

Build: Haikei - Slowly Getting
Books: Loft & Aria - Tropical Glam Decorative Books
Plant: Loft & Aria - Tropical Glam Potted Hoya Kerrii
Plant: Loft & Aria - Tropical Glam Potted Snake Plant
Prints: Loft & Aria - Tropical Glam Prints
Chair: Ariskea - Office Chair & Pillow
Board: Ariskea - Mood Inspirations Board
Flowers: Ariskea - Mint Vase & Peonies
Suitcase: Hive & Cosmic Dust - Homesick Suitcase
Flowers: Hive & Cosmic Dust - Milk Jug Daisies
Plant: Hive & Cosmic Dust - Don't Be a Prick
Typewriter: Hive & Cosmic Dust - Broken Typewriter
Book: Hive Cosmic Dust - Book Clutter
Computer: Vespertine - My Little Digital Pet
Planner: Vespertine - Messy Planner
Board: Vespertine - Artsy Moodboard
Pencils: Vespertine - Supplies
Desk: Scarlet Creative - Campbell Desk MT
Decor: Ariskea - Ivy Old window - Summer
Pencils: Tres Blah - Workspace - Pencil Holder
Plant: Hive - mass canes plant
Plant: Hive - Oversized Alocasia Plant
Rug: Ariskea - Australia - Macrame Rug
Curtains: Apple Fall - Curtains

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