Hard Day @ the Office

Hard Day @ the Office

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Stealthic - Reach
Shirt: Mossu - Daddy Shirt
Briefs: Mossu @ TMD - Shine Underwear

Scar Requiem:

Hair: Modulus @ Equal 10 - Jared
Suit: Deadwool - Royal Peak Suit
Leash: Cerberus Crossing - Kinksential Leash Holder

Other Notable Items:

Build: Varonis - Industrial Loft
Desk: David Heather - Desk
Computer: Tres Blah - Workspace - Computer
Files: Tres Blah - Workspace - And Files
Pencils: Tres Blah - Workspace - Pencil Holder
Tablet: Tres Blah - Workspace - Tablet
Desk Mat: 1992 - Desk Mat - Open Book - Black)
Chair: Nomad - Aviator Desk Chair
Plant: Fancy Decor - Tall Fern Planter

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