The First Sips of Autumn

Home & Garden items:

Fireplace: Sayo - Al Fresco Outdoor Fireplace
Plant: Ariskea - Cute Dots Daliah - Rouge & Mixed
Plant: Ariskea - airy Sage Container
Rug: Ariskea - Macrame Rug
Chair: Loft & Aria - Manteca Floor Seat 
Glasses: Loft & Aria - Manteca Drink Cart
Lantern: Loft & Aria - Manteca Lantern
Plant: Dust Bunny @ FaMESHed - Dwarf Fruit Trees - Clementine Tree
Plant: Dust Bunny @ FaMESHed - Dwarf Fruit Trees - Clementines
Plant: Dust Bunny - Elephant Ear Plant
Plant: Dust Bunny - Hanging Plants - Cheese Plant
Plant: Dust Bunny - Hanging Plants - Ivy Planter
Plant: Apple Fall - Hydrangea Bunch - Blue
Decor: Apple Fall - Ornamental Elephant - Bronze
Books: Apple Fall - Stacked Books
Cushion: Apple Fall - Cushion - Satin Trellis Beige
Vase: Apple Fall - Hurricane Vase w/ Lemons
Ivy: Eli Baily - Ivy

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