Let the Light In.

Let the Light In.

New @ 6º Republic:

Build: Ariskea - Agnes - Old Decay greenhouse
Bed: Zerkalo - Modern Loft - Bed 
Headboard: Kei's - Metal Shelf
Art: Serenity Style- Valentino's Barber Shop -Photo Frames
Shutter: Thankful - Old Shutters - Green
Mirror: N4RS - Old Retro Mirror - Bronze
Nightstand: N4RS - Old Retro Side Table
Lamp: Elev8 - Mayfair Table Lamp
Frame: Thor - Baseball Memorabilia
Candles: Moss & Mink - French Candle - Cluster
Plant: Sources - Armodi - Plant Pot Blue Balls
Table: Saikin - Concrete Side Table
Flags: No13- Wooden Triangular Pennant
Macarons: Wednesday - Petit Patissier - Caramel Macarons
Stool: Crate - Hell's Kitchen - Stool
Lamp: Convair - Task Lamp Black
Chair: Notsobad - Eco Azul - Chair v3 
Hat: Ideza - Revo Hat
Poster: [MB] - Cafe Taiwan 2 -Old poster A-
Lattice: The Bearded Guy - Lattice Dark -  Live Today 
Lights: Eleventh Hour - Tesla Lights
Stool: Clavv - Old Engineer Stool
Fan: *bbqq* - Fan - Blue
Shoe Kit: Balaclava - Shoeshine Kit Decor
Bench: ILO -  Aviator Desk
Binoculars: Madras - Victorian Jules Binocular Decor
Towels: Granola - Florian Lavender Towel
Rug: Architect - Kronos Messy Rug

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