A Magical Moment

A Magical Moment

The World of Magic Event:

Desk: Merak - Hermione's Desk
Chair: Merak - Hermione's Chair
Potions: Foxwood - Incantation - Potion Chest
Book: Foxwood - Incantation - Book
Tapestry: Foxwood - Incantation - Tapestry - Green
Orb: Cubic Cherry - Oeilvert - Orb 
Orbital: Contraption Decor - Eccentric's Curios Orbitus
Chest: Kopfkino - The Magic Traveller Chest

Other Notable Items:

Shoes: Apple Fall - Leather Moccasins
Build: Apple Fall - Gatekeepers' Lodge
Crystals: Dust Bunny - Wiccan Artistry - Bowl of Crystals
Candles: Dust Bunny - Wiccan Artistry - Rose Candles 
Smudge Sticks: Dust Bunny - Wiccan Artistry - Smudge Sticks
Dried Flowers: Dust Bunny - Wiccan Artistry - Dried Flowers
Rune Stones: Dust Bunny - Wiccan Artistry - Rune Stones
Cart: Spell - Harry's Trolley 
Cauldron: Birdy - Hocus Pocus - Cauldron - Green

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