Gallant Magazine - Ariskea Feature

Gallant Magazine - Ariskea Feature

Gallant Magazine is welcoming the arrival of Spring with its 2-year anniversary issue! This issue we spotlight Men's Fashion aficionado Invincible Anton and his store Ascend, along with renown Home & Garden creator Aris, who brings a number of interior design staples to the grid with her delightful store Ariskea. 

This issue offers over 300 pages of the most talented designers, photographers, models and bloggers Second Life has to offer! Dive in and see why Gallant Magazine has become the definitive journal for Men's Fashion and Home & Garden delivering a visual experience to the grid! Thank you for all of your support during or our first two years and we look forward to many more! 

Check out the latest issue of Gallant Magazine here.

Ariskea Items:

Build: Ariskea - Skybox Parisian
Curtain: Ariskea - Classic Curtains
Lamp: Ariskea - Woodly Lamp
Roses: Ariskea - Les Roses Anges
Pendant: Ariskea - Peonies Pendant
Books: Ariskea - Old Books
Flowers: Ariskea - Teapot Peonie Fushia
Clock: Ariskea - La Clock
Console: Ariskea - Swedish Console Yellow
Pouf: Ariskea - Pouf Flower
Art: Ariskea - Shopping Frame
Pillow: Ariskea - Chair Pillowo Sweet Bloom
Chair: Ariskea - Classic Chair
Rug: Ariskea - Le Tapis

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