Visions of Winter

They seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if they had surprised a butterfly in the winter woods - Edith Wharton, "Ethan Frome"

Through much of the year, Nature supplies us with a clothing layer from the sunshine and warmth of the Spring and Summer.  Whether it's the dry, wind-blown curls of hair still scented with the salt from a swim in the ocean or the fresh gold and pink veneer of skin just kissed by the sun . . . in the Spring & Summer our bodies radiate the touch of the season.  Winter is different.  In Winter our bodies are often cocooned as our wardrobes become more elaborate.  In fact, Winter is the season when our unique tastes and individual styles take the snow-white center stage to recreate the sleeping magic of Spring.  Winter is the season of the sublime; the season when we spread our wings, and surprise each other with the creative pageantry of our individuality.  Throughout the Winter months . . . we provide the magic.

Merrick Ying:

Hair: Sadistic Hacker  - Leon (soil)
Skin: Maknie -- Arata skin -- Pearl Natural
Eyes: MADesigns Eyes - The Happening - brown accident
Jacket: +grasp+ Fur Lined Jacket - Brown
Pants: KiiTos!! - Nordic Knit Leggings - Brown
Boots: [ON] Wo Boots Gomi (now closed)
Gloves: CheerNo Brilliant Gloves - Gold [Long Fingers]
Scarf: Mr. Poet - Wide Scarf (gift)
Piercing: +Razoregalia+  Nornir Belly Pierce 2 - Type 1 (S)
Butterflies: CheerNo - Winter Butterflies 1 & 2
Pose: Animations Rising - AStand 10

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