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Spend an hour exploring Second Life and one thing becomes undeniably clear: there is no dearth of Role Play communities in the metaverse. Whether your pleasure is cyberpunk, urban, fantasy, superhero, historical, steampunk, Gorean, vampire, jungle, or sci-fi -- SL has your RP interests covered. This blog entry was originally inspired by a recent theme party at Set in Boystown; however, it evolved into a tribute to the creative RP’ers who add so much to Second Life’s diverse communities. So whether you’re a dystopian cyber-samurai or a lonely Prince of Persia … this entry is for you.

Merrick Ying:

Prince of Persia
Skin: Den-Dou  - Boys II - Eito / Dark - 01 clean
Hair: Uncle Web Studio, Hunter-Hair - Meteor
Eyes: MADesigns Eyes Happening - brown - Noble eyes
Belted Sash &  Upper Leg Band:  Tigereye Designs - Threemoons Silks  - Red & Gold
Necklace Collar , Bracelets, &  Anklets:  Egoisme Fashion - J'adore silk
Turban:  Bare Rose Tokyo -  Tokyo Nomad
Necklace (long chain):  Mandala - Kagetora - Gold - Male
Third Eye Jewel & Forearm Henna:   Enlil - Lhizar Bindi  / Mahris Henna
Bicep Bands & Footwear: Zaara - Nizam Bajubandh *color* (armband)
Nizam Payal (anket) *color*
Tattoo: boi - gold flower (arm)

Samurai Dystopia:
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Magnoria-II White
Skin: CheerNo - Wady_light/I'm On Fire
Eyes: Den-Dou - Vampire Eyes -Violet
Hair Sticks: [DE] Technomancer - Mystek
Face Mask: CheerNo - Prince Experience_Mask
Necklace: Razoregalia - Belial Necklace1 - Red
Leggings: Elixir - Archon Set
Boots: SiniStyle - Blasphemy Boots
Tattoo: HUZ-TATS - Mahuika - (FBD)
Armor: [BjD] Belial Japan Develop - Abraxas
Gloves: Razoregalia - Bouhachi
Sword: Hanzo Blades Armory -Imperial Fury Samurai Katana
Pose: Sadistic Hacker - Katana Pose Set - Pose #1

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  1. Oh... LOVE the outfits! Great work, Merrick!