Urban Nirvana

I styled this outfit for the upcoming Menswear Fashion Week (MFW) promo, which if you haven't heard, is slated for March 23rd -31st this year.  The theme for the photo was "Urban Jungle," which immediately brought to mind a more hip-hop/urban feel, so I went for a street-look approach.  I followed it up by incorporating a number of vivid, "jungle" colors (not to mention feathers) and voilà!

Check out the promo poster below for more information about MFW!

Divos Titanium:

Skin: Belleza - Owen - Medium (7)
Hair: NSD - Krueger Hair - Mauve
Eyes: Pididdle - Motion Sickness Eyes - True Blue
Makeup: Cheerno - La Vita - Pure 08
Vest: Cheerno - Deuil - George Vest
Shirt: Villena - B&R Love Tshirt
Pants: Amerie - Loose Pants - 01
Stockings: Tableau Vivant - Claw Pants
Shoes: Elygo - Sneakers - Supra Wings
Necklace: Shade Throne - Safety Pin Necklace
Suspenders: Kari - New School Suspenders - Purple
Gloves: Connors - Rider Glove - Black Leather
Feathers: Cheerno - Native - Pataxos Feather

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