Garage Glamorous

The Narcissus' Room event for guys is now open, offering a myriad of fashion swag specifically aimed at the males of SL.  With the prices ranging only from 40-100L, this event is a steal!  The collections change every two weeks, so make sure to check it out here.

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Burley - Dustin Hair - Red 04
Eyes: MADesigns - Naturals - Brown Conversation Eyes
Skin: The Abyss - Dave Gears - Tan
Jacket: Homme - Knit Jacket - Brown - *Narcissus Room Event*
Shirt: Tea Time - Magic T-shirt - *Narcissus Room Event*
Undershirt: RD - Cleaned Out Shirt - Black Opaque - *Narcissus Room Event*
Pants: Ultras - Dark Blue Jeans - Baggy - *Narcissus Room Event*
Boxers: Plank Couture - Gentle Boxers - *Narcissus Room Event*
Shoes: Def - Supernova Sneakers - Grey - *Narcissus Room Event*
Monocle: Plank Couture - Gentle Monocle - *Narcissus Room Event*
Bow-tie: Plank Couture - Gentle Papillon - *Narcissus Room Event*

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