Relax, Take It Easy

The Massage Table from Dutchie is fantastic for the ultimate relaxation experience and also a great way to bond with your partner.  This item is 100% mesh and has no pose balls, you just hop on and animate!  The massage table (adult version) has 46 massage animations, 20 cuddle animations, 20 foreplay animations and 30 sex animations for couples (including a hot stone animation). You can also change the color of the leather upholstering. to green, off-white, brown or black.  Also included is a extra set of modifiable towels, just incase your avatar is larger or smaller then the creator's sizes. 

It should also be mentioned that the massage table comes in pg and adult versions.  While the animations were created with opposite sex massage partners in mind, some of the animations (mostly the massage/pampering ones) worked well for same sex also. So make sure you demo the table before purchase.

Make sure you head to Dutchie and check it out yourself!

First Picture:

Ritch Nicholls (masseur):

Skin: the body co. - Breeze - 03 Light - blonde brows
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair: Taketomi - Seiji - Platinums -03
Shirt: Fatewear - Vinnie - Tundra
Pants: Ispachi - Executive Chinos - Light
Shoes: Ispachi - Mason - Brogues

Luciano Enoch:

Skin: the body co. - Sky - 06 Tan - black brows
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise' Eyes - Deep Brown
Hair: Exile - On the Job - Sable
Facial Hair: - CheerNo - FacialHair II Dark - A#2

Second Picture:


Skin: Glam Affair - Margot - America (Collabor88)
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise' Eyes - Deep Brown
Hair: Clawtooth: Down Boy - Beachy keen (Collabor88)

Massag Table is from Dutchie


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