Santa and His Reindeer Slay

Santa and His Reindeer Slay

So thankful to get a photo with my best friends to feature the new Blitzen set from Thirst.at the December round of Epiphany!  Merry Christmas, everyone!

Santa Outfit:

Hat: Reckless - Santa Hat 3

Jacket: Gabriel - Leather Boa Jacket - Red

Harness: Gabriel - Neck Chain Harness - Red

Underwear: Gabriel - Chain Jockstrap - Red

Pants: Gabriel - Loose Fit Pants - Red

Boots: Deadwool - Strider Boots

Reindeer Outfit:

Harness: Thirst - Blitzen Harness Set @ Epiphany - December 2021

Underwear: Thirst - Edison Brief and Brief Harness

Boots: Lapointe & BastChild - Combat Leather Boots - Havoc Ops

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