See You In The Champagne Room

See You In the Champagne Room

I was able to get the elusive Adham DeCuir online for a few nights full of adult entertainment.  Gas prices are going up, so get some cash and meet us in the champagne room! Hit me up for the full schedule of events! ;)

Adham DeCuir:

Briefs: Thirst - Tuition Jock @ Jock'd - May 2021

Divos Titanium:

Briefs: Thirst - Tuition Jock @ Jock'd - May 2021

Arm Bands: Noche - Neo Armbands @ Equal10 - May 2022

Other Notable Items: 

Backdrop: FOXCITY - Photo Booth - Sinner

Pose (Divos): FOXCITY - Pole Artist 3

Pose (Adham): Bubble - Beach Sit

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