2:52 PM



2:42 PM


This week marks my 5th year in SL. I have to say that again - five years.  Incredible!  Five years ago I was in my first semester of law school, and now I just built a new house and am working hard for the money.  SL has been with me every step of the way, and I echo many who have reached this milestone before me when I say it has been the people that have made all of the difference. To all that I have met during this journey, thanks to you and the wonderful impact you have had on my life.  I would not trade one single moment. Cheers!

Now with that after school special moment out of the way, I am excited to share this blog post with you.  A special shout out to my good friend Cooper Nansen for his help.  Here's to keeping it tight and right in 2014!

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Argrace - Baseball Cap - Jacob - Rosewood
Skin: Belleza - Cooper - Sun Kissed
Shirt: 22769 - Homme Over Head Tank - Grey
Pants: 22769 - Homme Sweatpants - Red
Shoes: Lucien Marcelo - Black Vanassche Sneakers
Sunglasses: Elygo - Sunglasses Racing - Red
Bag: Danchu - Kit Bag Black - Red


1:58 PM



1:05 PM

Chill Factor

Poseology has released a brand new group pose called Chill Factor at the December round of the Men's Department. Make sure you check it out!

                                                             The Men's Department
Cole Delpiaz, Ritch Nicholls, & Divos Titanium


2:26 PM

Take It Easy

Ispachi has released the Billy VNeck Sweater and Shirt  for FaMESHed from December 1st to December 27th. It comes in 24 sweater options and 18 shirt options; all controlled via Hud.  After the FaMESHed event has ended it will be available in their regular stores.

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Body Co - Breeze
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair: Truth - Harley -  light blondes
Shirt: Ispachi - Billy VNeck Sweater and Shirt (Fameshed)
Pants: Ispachi - Mason Pants
Pose: Poseology - Pavel 1


1:27 PM



3:37 PM



11:44 AM



12:55 PM

Oh So Fancy


9:53 AM

Cry Out

Poseology Poses has released some new poses just in time for Halloween!  They have released two pose fatpacks called Living Dead and Demonica.  They have also released two free poses Pins & Needles and Cry Out (pictured above).  These two poses include the mesh pins and will be free gifts for the rest of the month of October.  So go and grab them now!

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Damon v.a
Hairbase: Aitui - Standard Hair Base - 001 - Black
Shorts: Elysium - swimtrunks - black
Feet: Ispachi - Natural Men's Feet
Pose: Poseology - Cry Out (Free gift through October)


3:29 PM

Wherever I Go

A new Men's Department round has started and Ispachi has released some excellent new headphones, Attero Headphones, that you definitely need to have in your inventory. The Attero heaphones attach to either your head, neck or right hand. Also, you have 15 body textures and 8 metal textures to choose from by using the hud.  In addition to the headphones you also receive a music player which has its own texture change options. So make your way over to the Men's Department and give them a look!

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Body Co. - Breeze
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair (Top): Burley - Carlo - Platinum 01
Hair (Bottom):Taketomi - Norio - Platinums 01
Hair (Right): Burley -  Biff - Platinum 01
Headphones: Ispachi - Attero Headphones (the Men's Dept)


11:38 AM

Bubble Pop

Poseology has released some fun and tastey 2 pose packs including Bubble Pop (pictured above) and Cotton Candy over at Candy Fair for boys and girls....make sure to check them out!

Skin: Body Co - Breeze
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair: Taketomi - Katsu - Neon 03
Chest Hair: EDDESIGN - Dark body hair - Natural shaved hairy look
Pants: Chronokit - Cropped Sarrouel Pants - Blue
Shoes: 2Real - E-Wings
Pose: Poseology - Bubble Pop 3 - includes mesh bubble gum (Candy Fair 2013)


2:06 PM

Fall Into Me

Ispachi has released a fantastic new item called the Adam Layered Top at this round of Fameshed! What is particularly spectacular about this top is all the mix and match color options that you can create with it. For the color options there are 20 for the jacket, 28 for the tie, 28 for the shirt and 8 for the hoodie -- all controlled by a hud.  This item is definitely worth checking out so make sure you head on down to Fameshed which will be going on from October 1st to October 27th.

Ritch Nicholls

Skin: Body Co. - Breeze
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair: Exile - Revolver - Stefani
Hairbase: Exile - Hairbase 2 - Stefani
Top: Ispachi - Adam Layered Top (Fameshed)
Jeans: Ispachi - Renwick Jeans - Black
Shoes: Ispachi - Mason - Brogues
Pose: Poseology - Pavel 5


2:19 PM

With Luchi

**Dedicated to Luciano Enoch

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Body Co - Breeze
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hairbase: Exile - Hairbase2 - Stefani
Hair: Burley - Carlo - Platinums - 01
Sweater: Bleak - Nordic - Brownie
Shorts - CheerNo - Capri Shorts - Black
Feet: Ispachi - Natural Men's Feet

Luciano Enoch:

Skin: Body Co - Sky
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Deep Brown
Hairbase Exile -Hairbase2 - Sable
Hair: Dura - Boy16 - Dark Brown
Jeans: Redgrave -Jeans+Belt Liquid Mesh Classic Cut
Feet: Ispachi - Natural Men's Feet

Pose: Poseology - With Luchi


3:10 PM

Around A Corner

Ritch Nicholls

Skin: - [K]lean -  Tyler - Ice (Men's Dept)
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Facial Hair: [K]lean - Facial Hair - Beard (Men's Dept.)
Eyeliner: [K]lean - Add-on - Eyeliner (Men's Dept.)
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Bean Hair - Male (Collabor88)
Sweater: Nerd - Sweater006 - 01 (Men's Dept.)
Pants: Elysium - Grunge Pants - gold
Shoes: Love Re Me -Simple Sneaker - Black (Men's Dept.)


1:57 PM

My Birthday

Today two things are happening...for one it is my birthday.  The second is that this happens to be my 100th post on the Boystown Closet!  Since today is my birthday I will be offering a free gift  over at Poseology for one week starting today!  The "My Birthday" pose comes with a free mesh cake, so I can share a tastey treat with you all.  After the free week is over the My Birthday pose will be available for sale in store, so make sure you grab it while it's a free gift now!

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Body Co - Breeze
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair: Burley - Sofian - Platinums 03
Hairbase: Exile - Hairbase2 - Stefani
Shorts: CheerNo - Capri Shorts - Denim
Boots: Razor - Enforcer Boots (the Men's Dept.)
Pose: Poseology - My Birthday - includes mesh cake


2:58 PM

Man Of The Night

Tableau Vivant has released two wonderful new skins for men in time for their reopening! Lucis and David (Lucis being shown in this post) come in 10 tones with 5 eyebrow colors for each tone and two hairbases as tattoo layer.

Head on over to Tableau Vivant and give them a look!

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Lucis - Tone 04 - A
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair: Taketomi -Katsu - Platinums - 01 (the Men's Dept.)
Hairbase: Tableau Vivant - Hairbase - Buzzcut - A
Tattoo: Ner .Ink - Loyal Truth (the Men's Dept.)
Pose: Poseology - Pavel 4


12:18 PM

Go Kindergarten

Poseology has released some amusing  new poses called Bag Head at the September round of the Men's Department.  Make sure to check them out!

(mesh bag included)

                                                         The Men's Department

Beckham Brunswick, Tyler Ethaniel, Pilz Redgrave, Ritch Nicholls & Luciano Enoch


12:31 PM

Fall Is Coming

Ispachi will be releasing the Heuston Scarf for both men and woman at The Boutique.  It comes in two versions, regular and collared, with the scarf and stag head detail being texture changeable via Hud.  The Boutigue is open from September 15th-October 10th, so head on down when it opens!

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Body co - Breeze
Eyes: Ikon - Ardent Eyes - Skyfall
Hair: Exile - Jackson - Light Blondes - Stefani
Scarf: Ispachi - Heuston Scarf (The Boutique)
Vest + Shirt: Ispachi - Mason


10:55 AM

Where You Tryin' to Go


11:47 AM


Champagne Sparkling Couture has released a vibrant outfit called Magnetic which comes in a variety of colors - pink, green, bermude, silver and blue.

Also another round of the Men's Department will begin on September 5th!

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Clef de Peau - Jules - T2 - Shaved - BL
Hair: Atro Patena - Neil - Beach (The Men's Dept.)
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Dark Brown
Outfit: Champagne! Sparkling couture - Magnetic - Bermude
Pose: Poseology - Luciano 6 (mesh variant)


3:26 PM

Lock & Key

For someone who is always looking for some cool new accessories, the Keyring necklace from Tableau Vivant is a great find and is available at the August round of Fameshed!  Leather and metals can be changed separately so you can create many combinations. Make sure to give to give it a look!

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Elysium - Elias - Light
Necklace: Tableau Vivant - Keyring necklace unisex (Fameshed)
Pose: Poseology - Divos 3


2:20 PM

Electric Nights

Champagne Sparkling Couture has released a fantastic new outfit called Electric! Available in a variety of colors (blue, green, pink, purple and silver), this snazzy outfit will sure make a statement wherever you may go wearing it.

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Body Co - Breeze - 03 Light
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair: Burley - Hans - Platinums
Hair Base: Exile - Hairbase 2 - Stefani
Outfit: Champagne Sparkling Couture - Electric - Blue
Pose: Poseology - Luciano 6 (mesh variant)


2:49 PM

Yeah Buddy!

Ispachi is releasing a new hooded tank top called Bryce!  This item has an assortment of style options (Stripes, Opaque, Sheer) and come in a variety of colors.  All can be controlled via Hud. 

It is great for those of us who like a hoodie style but want to keep it looking cool for the summer!

Available at FaMESHed from August 1-August 28 and then available at all of our store locations.

Skin: Body Co - Breeze - 03 Light
Hair: Taketomi - Norio - Platinums
Glasses: CheerNo - Glasses - Aviator - Gold.Yellow Mat
Hoodie: Ispachi - Bryce Hooded Tank Top (Fameshed)
Pants: Ronsem - Straight Jeans - Black
Pose: Poseology - Yeah Buddy!


12:04 PM

Beach Boys

Grab a new pose prop fatpack from Poseology called Splish Splash! This pose pack contains six poses that will have you ready for some fun in the sun.  It also contains a mesh inner tube which you can change the color to your liking via pop up menu. So grab these fun new poses and make a splash...a splish splash!

Check them out at the event Boys Of The Summer!

Blogged by Divos Titanium, Luciano Enoch, Tyler Ethaniel, Ritch Nicholls and Cole Delpiaz


5:24 PM


It's been a while, but with the return of summer and a new daytime work schedule, I look forward to focusing more on The Boystown Closet.  With that in mind, Cheerno recently released a mesh avatar called "The Ken Doll."  Hop on over to the Boystown Cheerno store and check 'em out!

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Taketomi - Nori - Dark Browns
Eyes: Cheerno - Dilunna - Brown #3
Body: Cheerno - Mesh Doll Ken - Light Skin
Swimsuit: Cheerno - Celebrate Underwear - Red
Shoes: Fruk - Nitric Boots - White

Pose 1: Poseology - Daniel 5
Pose 2: Poseology - Cole 2

Ice Cream Cart: What Next - Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart - Blue


11:49 AM

Are We All We Are

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: the body co - Breeze -03 Light - black brows
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair: Uncle Web - Sid Hair - Black (The Men's Dept.)
Hairbase: Dura - Lanevco - MC Hairbase - Buzzcut  - Dura-Black
Beard: Emortal Concepts -  Black Scruffy Mutton Chops combo 1
Shirt: Villena - Denim shirt Stone Wash 2 (The Men's Dept.)
Pants: Ispachi - Rebellion Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Love RE Me - [LOVE RE ME]Sneaker01 Black (The Men's Dept.)
Pose: Poseology - Daniel 6 (The Men's Dept.)


2:16 PM

Sadie Hawkins

Poseology has released two new pose packs called Sadie & Hawkins!  You can purchase the female poses, Sadie, or the male poses, Hawkins!  For  even more savings you can buy both fatpacks combined for a complete fatpack called Sadie Hawkins! Check out these brand new poses for the ultimate dance off!

Poseology - Sadie Hawkins Complete Fatpack


9:57 AM

Beautiful Sinner

Elysium has released a brand new male skin called Elias.  There are six different skintones and each pack comes with 12 variations including smooth, hairy and freckles.  Also, each skintone comes in three hair types (brunette, blond and redhead) and 5 beard options. So all you guys better check it out!

Also, Lazybum has come out with a new bodysuit called the Micro-Mesh Bodysuit!

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Elysium - Elias - milk - blond brows/frek/smooth
Eyes: Ikon - Ardent Eyes - Skyfall
Hair: Burley - Biff - Platinums - Platinum01
Bodysuit: Lazybum - Micro-Mesh Bodysuit
Pose: Poseology - Divos 6


10:30 AM

What's In A Name?


10:09 AM

With My Tshirt On

The Liaison Collaborative's Boutique event has started another round of new items and Ispachi has released their Rebellion Double Layered Shirt. There are 56 different color/pattern options for the tshirt and an optional undershirt which can be changed to black or white in addition to color changing tinting.  All of these options can be obtained by wearing the Hud.  The Boutique last from May 15 until June 10, 2013.

Also make sure you check out a new round of the Men's Department!

Ritch Nicholls:

(left to right)

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Nathan - Tone 6 - dark
Eyes: ID - Essentials -TMD - Blue (The Men's Dept)
Hair: Boon - TUN247 - black
Hairbase: Boon - gathered raised hairbase
Shirt: Ispachi - Rebellion Double Layered Shirt (Liaison Collaborative's Boutique Event)

Skin: Body Co. - Breeze - 03 Light - blonde brows
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair: Exile - Revolver - Stefani
Hairbase: Exile - Hairbase2 - Stefani
Shirt: Ispachi - Rebellion Double Layered Shirt (Liaison Collaborative's Boutique Event)

Skin: Belleza - Jonas SK (The Men's Dept)
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Dark Brown
Hair: Shag - My Command - Dark Browns Eve (marketplace)
Chest Hair: Eddesign - Chest hair - Natural hairy look - Type 6
Shirt: Ispachi - Rebellion Double Layered Shirt (Liaison Collaborative's Boutique Event)
Pose: Poseology - Divos 3


10:41 AM

Relax, Take It Easy

The Massage Table from Dutchie is fantastic for the ultimate relaxation experience and also a great way to bond with your partner.  This item is 100% mesh and has no pose balls, you just hop on and animate!  The massage table (adult version) has 46 massage animations, 20 cuddle animations, 20 foreplay animations and 30 sex animations for couples (including a hot stone animation). You can also change the color of the leather upholstering. to green, off-white, brown or black.  Also included is a extra set of modifiable towels, just incase your avatar is larger or smaller then the creator's sizes. 

It should also be mentioned that the massage table comes in pg and adult versions.  While the animations were created with opposite sex massage partners in mind, some of the animations (mostly the massage/pampering ones) worked well for same sex also. So make sure you demo the table before purchase.

Make sure you head to Dutchie and check it out yourself!

First Picture:

Ritch Nicholls (masseur):

Skin: the body co. - Breeze - 03 Light - blonde brows
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair: Taketomi - Seiji - Platinums -03
Shirt: Fatewear - Vinnie - Tundra
Pants: Ispachi - Executive Chinos - Light
Shoes: Ispachi - Mason - Brogues

Luciano Enoch:

Skin: the body co. - Sky - 06 Tan - black brows
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise' Eyes - Deep Brown
Hair: Exile - On the Job - Sable
Facial Hair: - CheerNo - FacialHair II Dark - A#2

Second Picture:


Skin: Glam Affair - Margot - America (Collabor88)
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise' Eyes - Deep Brown
Hair: Clawtooth: Down Boy - Beachy keen (Collabor88)

Massag Table is from Dutchie


12:42 PM

Out Of This World

Clef de Peau has released a new skin for Menswear Fashion Week 2013 which will open April 19th.  Also, Tableau Vivant has come out with a new series of eyes called the Galaxy Eyes for The Gallery Gift Shop.  We definately recommend you make your way over to both of these great events!

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Clef de Peau - Simon - T0 - Shaved Bald (MWFW 2013)
Eyes: Tableau Vivant - Galaxy Eyes - Moon (The Gallery Gift Shop)
Hair: Boon - TUN247 - purple
Hairbase: Boon - gathered raised hairbase
Pants: Tableau Vivant - Tableau Vivant - Boots pants - Tiger Eye


12:30 PM

I'm With You

There's nothing but the rain/No footsteps on the ground/I'm listening but there's no sound/I don't know who you are/But I'm with you...


Tyler Ethaniel:

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Ryan skin
Eyes: {D.A} - Mesh - Faded Magic Brow
Facial Hair: CheerNo - FacialHair II Dark_A#2
Hair: Atro Patena - Elliott - Coffee
Cardigan: epia  - Cardigan Purple/Striped Pink (The Men's Dept)
Jeans: ISPACHI - Mesh [Renwick Jeans] Medium
Shoes:  COCO - Distressed Leather Sneakers
Pose - Poseology - Cole 5 (Pose Fair)


10:40 AM

Staying In

This post is long overdue and we would like to show you the gay bed from Dutchie. This early 20th century Chinese day bed or opium bed comes with 6 rich printed fabrics that can be changed by clicking one of the pillows.  The bed is 100% mesh and offers items for certain scenes. One thing that is especially great about the bed is that it has no pose balls; you just right click the bed and sit on it, changing the positons by hitting swap on the menu. The bed holds 100 couple animations for two men, 40 pg animations and 60 adult animations (some animations are suitable for being solo as well).  This item is excellently made, the animations are well done and we definately recommend checking it out.

Also in this post, we are featuring items from the April round of The Men's Department!

Luciano Enoch (Brunette)
Skin: Fruk - Bennett - Shade 4 Black (The Mens Dept)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Jaded Eyes - Wet Sand - medium medium (The Mens Dept)
Hairbase: Exile - Hairbase2 - Sable
Hair: Exile - Revolver - Sable
Beard: CheerNo - FacialHair II  Set F#3
Pants: 22769  - [homme] sweatpants - grey (The Mens Dept)
Feet: Ispachi - Natural Men's Feet

Ritch Nicholls (Blond)

Skin: the body co - Breeze - 03 Light - blonde brows
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Jaded Eyes - Dusk - medium bright (The Mens Dept)
Hair: Exile - Remy - Stefani
Pants: Tableau Vivant - Taku tattsuke pants - black
Feet: Ispachi - Natural Men's Feet

Wall Sign: floorplan. anchor marquee light (The Mens Dept)

Bed: Dutchie - Gay Bed


11:08 AM

One Sweet Day

Ispachi has released a full outfit called Mason at the Fameshed Event.  Mason can be purchased as a complete outfit or you can buy the items seperately.  Each piece also has many color/texture options that can be changed via Hud.  The Fameshed Event runs from April 1st until April 27th.

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: the body co. - Breeze - 03 Light -blonde
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise' Eyes - Blue
Hair Base: Exile - Hairbases - Stefani
Outfit - Ispachi - Mason (Fameshed Event)
Pose: Poseology - Cole 6 (Pose Fair 2013)


10:47 AM

Easter Time


10:26 AM

Passing The Time


The Liaison Collaborative Event has just begun and they have some great items!  First of all, make sure you check out the Mo hoodie cape from Tableau Vivant.  The Mo hoodie cape comes in the colors -- green, pink & grey (pictured above), and for each hoodie you can change the inner pattern colors.  You also have the option of a cap, which is also color change.  Another item I enjoyed was the new series of eyes from Ikon called the Ardent eyes.  So make sure you head on over and take a look at all this event has to offer!

Skin: Birth - Reese - pale
Eyes: Ikon - Ardent Eyes - Skyfall (The Liaison Collaborative Event)
Hair: CheerNo - Danny - Blonds 9.2
Hairbase: Exile - Hairbase - Stefani
Shirt: Fatewear - Shirt - Vinnie - Tundra
Jeans: Ispachi - Mesh Renwick Jeans - Blue
Hoodie: Tabealu Vivant - Mo hoodie cape - Grey  (The Liaison Collaborative Event)
Shoes: UBU - PornStar Lo-Tops
Pose: Poseology - Rodney 4


10:24 AM

Closer To Myself

Ispachi has released some great new Men's mesh feet!  There are currently eight skin presets and eighteen nail presets, but you can adjuct both using the hud. The feet come in different sizes to accomidate for shape size and body type. Also, another round of the Men's Department is happening for March and Fruk has released a Thanatos series of their Fruk Bennet Skin available with options for dark and blond haired people. 

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Fruk - Bennett - Thanatos series - Blond/blue (the Men's Dept)
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Blue
Hair: Taketomi - Seiji - Platinum 03
Feet: Ispachi - Mesh Natural Mens Feet


2:34 PM

On The Frontlines

Parker Droverson:

Skin: Fruk - Bennett shade 2 - blond brows
Hair: Taketomi - Seiji - light blonds 04
Jacket: Aitui - Frontlines - dark camp
Pants: Ispachi - Executive Chinos
Shoes: J U D A S - The Revolution - chanel militant boots
Ears: Mandala - Male stretched ears -  omimi
Tattoo: Speakeasy - Don't get it twisted tattoo
Hands: CheerNo - Mesh hands
Pose: Poseology - Starting Out (Free Gift)


11:15 AM

Cold Weather Days

Ritch Nicholls:

Skin: Birth - Reese - paletone
Eyes - MADesigns - Honesty - Dead Honesty
Hair: Dura - Knit Cap - blonde
Coat: Sleepy Eddy - Peacoat - Maroon (The Men's Dept.)
Turtleneck - Sleedy Eddy - turtleneck (for peacoat) - yellow (The Men's Dept.)
Jeans: Ispachi - Renwick Jeans - Black (Fameshed Event)
Boots: Ispachi - Leopold Boots
Gloves: LightStar - Gloves - ColorChangeable
Pose - Poseology - Luciano 6 (mesh var.)


2:06 PM

Just a Rose Will Do


Perfect for your Valentine’s Day affairs, or anytime you’re in the mood for romance, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture has released the CHERI suit.  Whether you prefer black, silver, red or pink, CHERI is the suit for you.  And for the mesh parts, you can get a demo in store.
Ritch Nicholls:
 Skin: Birth - Reese - paletone
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Blue
Hair: Aotreo - Sid - BlondeT3
Outfit: Champagne! Sparkling Couture - Cheri - Pink
Shoes: Gos - Desert Boots - Black Suede
Hand L: Cheerno - Hands - M#1 L
Hand R: CheerNo - Hands - M#3 R
Pose: Poseology - Baptiste 2
Also make sure you get your free gift - Will You Be Mine mask from Champagne! Sparkling Couture


10:59 AM

Give You My Heart

Loving is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction--Happy Valentine's Day!

Couples pose is a new release by Poseology and there is a hetrosexual and same sex version.

Left to Right:

Divos Titanium:

Eyes: MADesigns - Naturals - Brown Conversation Eyes
Hair: Taketomi - Gyp - Red04
Jacket: Entente - Taureau Leather Jacket - Brown
Shirt: Alphamale - Pinstripe Tux - Shirt Top
Pants: Ispachi - Executive Chinos - Black
Shoes: Hoorenbeek - Ray Ray - Black
Tie: Cheerno - Classic Black Collar Tie - Green

Cole Delpiaz:

Skin: Belleza - Ethan - SK 0
Eyes: Poetic Colors - gen4 - blue surf - medium bright
Hair: Atro Patena - Elliott - Brown
Suit: Fatewear - Edward - Claypit

Pose: Poseology - Give You My Heart (Same Sex Version) --mesh heart included--


10:49 AM

I Love It

You're from the 70's, but I'm a 90's b*tch--I don't care, I love it!

Ritch Nicholls

Skin: the body co. - Breeze - 03 Light - black brows (50% off Sale)
Hairbase: Aitui - Etched Hair Base - A star, A star - 002 - Black
Chest hair: the body co. - Breeze - (body hair) medium
Facial Hair: bleak - Jawline Facial Hair - dark (The Men's Dept.)
Ears: Aitui - Stretched mesh Ears - 1" Plug Pack
Pants: Tableau Vivant - Taku tattsuke pants - light jeans (Fameshed Event)
Shoes: 2Real - E-wings
Gloves: 1A - Devil's Finger gloves - natural - white
Glasses: CheerNo - Glasses MILU - Pink
Necklace: 22769 - [homme] Fabric Necklace - Purple (The Men's Dept.)
Ring: Kosh - Pivot Ring [D] (The Men's Dept.)
Pose: Poseology - Donovan 3 (The Men's Dept.)


10:12 PM

Happy New Year!


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