Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Scar Requiem:

Hat: Noche @ The Epiphany - Elf Hat
Hair: Modulus - Joshua
Collar: Noche @ The Epiphany - Ho-Ho-Ho Collar
Harness: Riot - Infiltrator 
Undies: Thirst - Jock'd December - Basix Jock
Stockings: Noche @ The Epiphany - Elf Stockings
Arm Wraps: Cerberus Xing - Origin Wraps
Rings: Cult - Player Rings
Boots: Lapointe & Bastchild - Patrol Combat Boots
Body Glitter: Musu - Glitter Bomb
Pose: Poseidon Poses - Sukeban 7

Divos Titanium:

Hat: Reckless - Santa Hat
Hair: Modulus - Franco Hair
Collar: Noche @ The Epiphany - Santa's Bitch Collar
Undies: Thirst - Jock'd December - Basix Trunk
Candy Canes: Noche @ The Epiphany - Candy Cane Pair
Boots: UBU - Xmas Boots
Pose: Poseidon Poses - AniMale 11

Other Notable:

Puppy: Jian @ The Epiphany - Snowday St.Bernards - Reindeer Wanderer
Reindeer: Jian @ Uber - Reindeer Collection - Companion 
Sleigh: Granola @ Tannenbaum - The Frostine Sleigh - Red Tartan
Lights: Dust Bunny - String Lights - Colored
Presents: Dust Bunny - Present Pile

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