More Room For Skin

In this post, we are introducing you to the new skin from Zovo! Zovo is a new body store that includes skins, hair bases and facial hair.  Their current skin comes in 5 tones (each tone sold seperately), however each tone includes both brown and black eyebrows. In purchasing the facial hair and hair bases, each style comes in a light and dark versions and also gives you the option for black/brown. Zovo opens January 28th 2012, so you better mark your calendars!

We also shot our picture at the brand new Steamworkz (private men's gym, sauna, bathhouse & nude beach).  It also opens this Saturday, Jan. 28th, at Boystown!

Merrick Ying:
Skin: ZOVO  - TONE #5 (black)
Eyes: MOJO - Real Eyes - B117.
Hair: CheerNo - PAMP - Dark 3.1
Briefs: [Lazybum] - Basic Briefs Black
Jewelry: ROZOREGALIA - Belial Pierce #2 (black) & Gazellver Anklet

Ritch Nicholls
Skin: ZOVO -  TONE #3 (brown)
Eyes: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Blue (xstreet)
Hair: [Burley] Dimitri - Platnums - 01
Briefs: [Lazybum] - James Briefs
Necklace: [SHADE THRONE] - THE CHARMLESS necklace (warm)
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied for Men Barefoot Pivoting

(From Left to Right)

Picture 1:
Skin: ZOVO - TONE #1 (black)
Eyes: MADesigns - Mutation - resurrected
Hair: MADesigns - Hamish - Black I
Facial Hair: ZOVO - Shaggy (dark) (black)

Picture 2:
Skin: ZOVO - TONE #5 (black)
Eyes: MOJO - Real Eyes - B117.
Hair: Iruco - Hair #2 (black)
Facial Hair: ZOVO - Lazy - Black (dark) (black)

Picture 3:
Skin: ZOVO - TONE #4 (brown
Eyes: MADesigns - Toxic - wish
Hairbase: ZOVO - Military Cut (light) (brown)

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