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[Lazybum] has released a great deal of new items that you need to check out!  For starters we are showing you the Animal Stripe Briefs.  What's nice about Lazybum's briefs is that you can wear them as underwear or swimtrunks.  The Animal Stripe Briefs come in Zebra, Snake, Tiger, Giraffe and Leopard.  They will bring out the inner animal in you!

Cole Delpiaz:
Skin: Birth - Nico Skin - (Light) heavy stubble
Eyes: Pididdle - Motion Sickness Eyes - True Blue
Hair: Dura - 24 - Dark Brown
Briefs: [Lazybum] - Animal Stripe - Zebra
Pose: Diesel Works - Alagan 1

Divos Titanium:
Skin: Ispachi Skin - Christian - Pale Shaved
Eyes: MADesigns - Clarity - Rusted
Hair: Anaphora - Jayden - Umber
Hat: Tidzi Design - White Bucket Hat
Brief: [Lazybum] - Animal Stripe -Snake
Bracelet: Sey - Leather Wristband - White

Tyler Ethaniel:
Skin: Birth - Nico Skin (light) clean_bodynormal_hair
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Stellar Eyes - Green
Hair: ::Exile::  - Remy - Drift
Brief: [Lazybum] - Animal Stripe - Tiger
Pose: supPOSEdly - still4

Second, they have released their Ring Master Jackets!  They come in Red, Black, Turquoise, Green, Magenta and White.

Luca Boucher:
Skin: Birth - Elixir - Skunk
Eyes: Birth - emerald green
Hair: Ispachi - Hunter - Black
Jacket: [Lazybum] - Ringmaster Jacket - Red
Briefs [Lazybum] - Basic Square Cut Briefs - Black

Pilz Redgrave:
Skin - ZOVO - Tone 2
Eyes - Ikon - Sunrise Eyes - Absinthe
Hair - EXILE - Akio - Cayanne
Jacket: [Lazybum] - Ringmaster Jacket - Black
Briefs [Lazybum] - Basic Briefs - Black
Hat - ILLUSIONS - Hetherington Top Hat
Pose: MADesigns - M Confidence 8 fist right

Beckham Brunswick:
Skin:  Zoobong - Ocean - Beach Tan Shadow
Eyes:  Poetic Colors - Bright Ice Crystal
Hair:  Shag - Trophy Hunter - Kitten
Jacket: [Lazybum] - Ringmaster Jacket - Turquoise
Briefs [Lazybum] - Basic Brief - White
Pose: MADesigns - M Model 1fh

The last thing we are going to show you is the Cowl Collar Tanks.  These unique tanks come in White, Purple, Blue, Army, Black & Circus.  So make sure you head on down to Lazybum and take a look at all their new releases!

Angelik Lavecchia:
Skin - Egoisme - Evian - Jordan - medium
Eyes: Ikon - Warm Silver
Hair: Dura - boy 29 - Dark Brown
Tank: [Lazybum] Cowl Collar Tank - White
Brief: [Lazybum] Basic Square Cut Briefs - Grey
Pose: Stakey - Homme 01

Ritch Nicholls:
Skin: Kento - Toban - T2 - Pure
Eyes: Ikon - 'Sunrise' Eyes - Blue Pale
Hair: -Entente- - Thibaut Hair - Blond - Bleached Blond (includes hairbase)
Tank: [Lazybum] Cowl Collar Tank - Purple
Brief: [Lazybum] Basic Square Cut Briefs - Pink
Pose: Diesel Works - Alagan 3

Johnny Ethaniel:
Skin:  Egoisme - Evian - Kerim Medium
Eyes:  -Entente- - Valentin Eyes - Green - Medium
Hair: Dura - Emo*07 - Black
Hairbase and beard:  -Entente- - Facial Hair A - Beard Deux - Black - Hair
Tank: [Lazybum] Cowl Collar Tank - Blue
Brief: [Lazybum] Basic Briefs - Gold
Glasses:  [Gos] - Custom Sunglass v3.2 - AVIATOR
Dogtags: [MANDALA] - SHAMIRA DOG TAG necklace/Black
Pose: Diesel Works - Zephyr 1

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