On Borrowed Time

Wanna look cute but don't feel like putting an entire outfit together?  *Coco*Homme has done all the work for you with their newly released mesh outfits.  While the alpha layer definitely shaves off a few pounds for those bigger avi's, the detail in the clothing and accessories is amazing.  Demo's are available so check 'em out!

Divos Titanium (Left):

Eyes: MADesigns Eyes - Attention - Ravishing
Hair: Dura - Boy 31 - Sienna
Skin: The Abyss - Dave Gears - Tan Shaven Tanned
Outfit: Coco Homme - Billy Outfit - Olive (New)
Hat: Coco Homme - Billy's Hat - Olive (New)
Bag: Mr. Poet - Leather Backpack - Red

Luca Boucher (Right):

Hair: Shag - Stroked - Bittersweet
Skin: Birth - Elixir - Skunk
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes - Teal Hazel W4
Outfit: Coco Homme - Steve Outfit - Black(new)

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